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Women Reveal: 20 Annoying Things Men Do To Impress Them

Women Reveal: 20 Annoying Things Men Do To Impress Them

1. Insisting on paying for dinner.

“Taking your date out to eat dinner is so not happening anymore. It’s odd and you should avoid it. And even if you do, don’t over insist on paying for your meal. If the girl you’re with wants to split the check, then do it. But instead of this dinner situation, take her to a movie, or for a walk.”

Jennifer, 26

2. Don’t talk yourself up.

“It’s annoying if you constantly talk about what a nice guy you are. Don’t talk about yourself that much. Let your personality show through the conversation. If you’re really nice, a girl will see it.”

Holly, 22

3. You’re not in Mad Max.

“I hate when they want to prove themselves by driving like crazy. Aggressive driving is not a sign of power. I don’t want to die with you!”

Margaret, 20

4. Being an ass when I’m with my guy friend.

“I’m allowed to have friends and not every guy you see me with is out to get me. Don’t be a jerk about it and grow up!”

Susan, 27

5. Bragging about everything.

“It’s more than okay to be proud of your accomplishments but if that is the only thing you talk about, then you have a serious problem.”

Jane, 30

6. Attention seeking.

“If we just started dating, give me some space. You can’t possibly think that you’re the center of my world from the moment I met you. Take it easy, we’ll get there… hopefully.”

Karen, 25

7. Pretending to like the same music.

“Music is the easiest thing to bond over. There are some bands that almost everyone likes but when it’s something unique or kind of strange, don’t pretend you love it just because of me. It will be fine for two weeks or so but imagine if we really end up together. Are you going to spend the rest of your life listening to the music you don’t want to listen to? Or do you want me to find out that you lied to me just to get into my pants?”

Sarah, 19

8. A no is a no.

“I don’t want to tell it to you twice. A no is a no, so stop trying and pretending that I’m just seeking your attention. I’m not some kind of an animal you can teach tricks and force to do anything you want. Grow up!”

Lisa, 31

9. Recreating a scene from a romantic comedy.

“I don’t care about Hollywood clichés. I don’t care that he swept her off her feet in this or that way. If you really want to be romantic, do something on your own. Be innovative because all women love that!”

Anna, 29

10. Picking me up off the ground all the time.

“Once is cute, twice is okay but anywhere from there, come on! I don’t like to be surprised by losing the ground underneath my feet all of a sudden.”

Cindy, 21

11. Saying he is a feminist.

“I know that there are true male feminists out there but I truly doubt that the ones who point it out the most while asking for nudes on Tinder qualify as ones. They are just trying to use us.”

Bernadette, 32

12. Dick pics.

“I don’t want to see your junk before it’s time for me to see your junk. Keep it in your pants, man!”

Emma, 22

13. Calling me right after he texts.

“If I don’t answer back immediately, he calls me right away. Let me breathe! I’m not supposed to spend every minute of every day with you. I don’t have to inform you of my whereabouts every second of the day. And finally, you’re not my mom!”

Ally, 27

14. Talking about how many girls he has scored with.

“We all know that your real number is not nearly close to the number you say. And also, if you’re trying to convince me that you’re a good catch, just don’t. Let me be the judge of that.”

Rachel, 24

15. Acting like we’re already together.

“If we went out on one or two dates, don’t get all possessive like you own me. Don’t get territorial. Don’t act like my boyfriend because you’re not. At least not yet.”

Donna, 22

16. Walking me home when I say I’m fine.

“If I’m not scared of going home alone, and I’m not, don’t insist on walking me home. Maybe I want to call my best friend on the way home and tell her about my date. Maybe I need some time to think things through. Don’t push into going with me if I don’t want you to.”

Summer, 21

17. Agreeing with everything I say.

“Have your own opinion. You agreeing with me on everything is not going to impress me. I’m going to be bored because you’re not a challenge to me.”

Tina, 30

18. Doing physical stunts.

“Push-ups in the middle of the park? Ahmmm, no thank you. Why do men have the need to prove how strong they are? Thank you but I’ll pass.”

Felicity, 25

19. Pretending to be smarter.

“I’m not looking for an astrophysicist. I want an ordinary, normal guy who I can talk to and laugh with. Most men have the need to pretend they are way smarter than they really are and that drives me crazy. Just be who you are and someone will like you for that. If not me, then someone else.”

Paula, 33

20. Staring at me.

“Imagine, first date and a guy who won’t look away from you. Once I was so embarrassed because he kept on staring at me the whole time. Eye contact is more than okay but break it off every once in a while. I don’t want to feel like I’m being interrogated.”

Selina, 29