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You Are Never Too Broken To Be Fixed

You Are Never Too Broken To Be Fixed

Lately, you’ve been thinking a lot about yourself and the place your life is in right now. And all the things you’ve concluded so far are not beneficial to you.

Many people in your life, and especially men, have hurt you. Some of them emotionally abused you, some tried to manipulate you, some lied and some cheated. But the bottom line is that they all took advantage of you and used you in one way or another.

On the other hand, the only things you were giving them were your love and attention. Whatever relationship you entered, you entered with an open heart. You were always the one putting in all the effort and always the one who gave herself completely while receiving nothing in return .

And with time, you got tired. You got tired of letting the wrong people be a part of your life and allowing them to impact you this much. You decided it was time to give up on trying to save everyone around you, because you couldn’t even save yourself in the first place. It’s simple — you’ve had your heart broken too many times and you’ve simply had enough.

But that is something you can forgive them for. What you can’t forgive or forget are the ways all of them broke you completely. Simply put, you are nowhere near the woman you used to be. They changed you and left scars and wounds on your heart and soul.

And those scars can never be removed. Those wounds can never be repaired. They broke you to the point where you feel emotionally damaged and to the point where you are certain nobody and nothing could ever fix you.

You’ve lost faith in people and most importantly, you’ve lost faith in yourself. You’ve stopped believing in the good in everyone and you’ve stopped believing in yourself.

You’ve stopped believing in love and you’ve decided you won’t open your heart to anyone else in your life. And you are sure there is nothing anyone can do to change any of this.

Consequently, you’ve become everything you always swore you wouldn’t become. And you don’t like the woman you have become.

Although the old you was way more vulnerable and sensitive, she had a soft heart and that was the thing you liked about her the most.

But you are convinced that this girl doesn’t have a chance of coming back. You are sure that all the bad people around you have killed this girl. That all the pain you’ve been through has left a mark on your heart which can never be removed.

So with time, you’ve accepted this new self you’ve become. And you’ve lost hope of ever healing and of ever feeling better.

Well, let me tell you one thing. It is true that you are broken. And you also might be emotionally damaged. But it doesn’t mean you can’t be saved. Because trust me — you certainly can. I know you don’t believe this now but you will be better. You just need to wish for that to happen.

And you are the only one who can make it happen. You are the only one who can save yourself. You are the only one who can heal and fix yourself, the only one who can help yourself. And you will succeed in doing so if you just snap out of this state you are in now and if you truly want to do it.

Of course, love can help you through this process. A real man will hold your hand on this journey and he will help you overcome everything you’ve been through in life.

He will show you that not all people are the same and that there are some men who are worthy of your energy, time and efforts. He will have your back and he will be there to catch you if you fall.

But you are the one who has to do almost all of the work. Because as I already said, love will help you through this process but the most important type of love is love toward yourself. Until you learn to love yourself for who you are, you will never heal completely.