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You Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 6 Types Of Cosmic Connections

You Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 6 Types Of Cosmic Connections

Those who hurt you, those who made you happy, those who took you for granted, were not met by chance.

Every single person who has entered your life in one way or another has done so for a reason.

You don’t meet anyone by accident. People enter your life to teach you lessons, to make you happy, to bring you hope or to destroy you.

And you need to know that destruction doesn’t necessarily mean negativity.

It is negative but to a certain degree and for a higher purpose.

Every single person you meet is here to teach you valuable lessons that your soul needs to experience in order to keep fighting and keep moving forward.

The people in your life are not there by chance; cosmic connections and this higher force are what bring you these 6 types of people who you’ll meet through your journey called life.

1. People who come to remind you of your purpose

These people help you to find your purpose and to stay in touch with your true self.

They come to remind you that not everything is black or white.

They show you your true capacities that you yourself weren’t aware of possessing.

Also, these people are most likely not meant to stay but they will keep living in your heart because they become a part of your soul.

And from there they will keep reminding you not to lose hope and to believe in a bright future.

2. People who inspire you to change

These people inspire you to become the best version of yourself. They don’t judge you or force you to change.

They simply become your role model and subtly inspire you to follow in their footsteps.

They are here to bring you joy and to show you the door to endless happiness.

They are real gems even though you won’t recognize it at first but once you do, you will be really grateful for meeting them.

3. People who cause you pain

At some point in your life, you’ll meet people who will cause you enormous pain and when that happens, remember that it is happening for a reason.

You experience pain for the sake of becoming greater, stronger.

There’s not a single person who collapsed only due to this kind of pain. Look at it as something that is here to improve you and not to destroy you.

When you change your perspective on this, you’ll understand the hidden reason behind it.

4. People who heal you

After meeting those who hurt you, you’ll meet those who heal you. Healers bring you hope and mend your broken heart.

And they don’t do so because they need to, they do it because they want to.

They remind you of how beautiful you are and that you shouldn’t give up in your pursuit of happiness.

They remind you that you deserve to be happy and loved for who you are. Healers will stay with you until you start showing signs of feeling better.

They will never leave until they’ve made sure that you’re safe and sound and that your heart is ready to love again. As long as you need them, they will be there for you.

5. People who are meant to leave

You’ll also meet people who are there for a specific reason, to teach you life lessons. These people are never meant to stay.

From the moment you meet them, your soul will know that they are meant to leave.

They might hurt you, be harsh on you or be disrespectful but know that they are doing so for a reason.

They will keep ‘punching’ you until you fall to the ground and rise up again.

And when you rise, you’ll find the courage to let them go. And that way, you’ll learn to love yourself a little bit more than you used to.

6. People who are meant to stay

Unlike the people who are meant to leave, there are people who are meant to stay during your journey called life.

But don’t think that they will all be nice to you.

They will treat you with respect but they will also tell you when you’re not right.

And know that no matter what happens, they will stay.

They will not go anywhere because you will be their safe haven just as they will be yours.

They are meant to stay because their heart belongs to yours, which is the most powerful force in the whole universe.