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The Shocking Truth: How Your Birth Month Influences Your Bad Choices in Men!

The Shocking Truth: How Your Birth Month Influences Your Bad Choices in Men!


You’re stubborn as hell and there is no way to try to explain anything to you. If you see a man and you like him, there is no chance in hell that you’re going to walk away from him.

Even if he is the worst, you’ve got your eyes on him and you won’t stop until he’s yours. That’s why you fall for the wrong men.


You are a caretaker and you want to make the people around you happy. Also, you don’t get attached so easily but once you do, it’s so hard for you to let go. You’ll keep giving second chances even if that person doesn’t deserve a single one.

You have a hard time giving up on someone even after you realize they are extremely toxic and they will hurt you.


You are simply not a quitter. You are so persistent that you are able to drive someone crazy with it until they fold. You are willing to go after someone for so long that they will end up dating you even when they don’t want to at first.

Obviously, that relationship is doomed to fail. Don’t push it and let things take their natural course.


You assume that the man you want to be with is interested in you but he’s only playing hard to get and you don’t want to admit it. Stop doing that because in the end, the only person who will get hurt is you.


It’s hard to get you to commit to someone. You don’t open up so easily to people and you don’t trust anyone. But, when someone deserves your trust, you will be loyal to them for the rest of your life.

That’s why you fall for the wrong men. When he cares for you far less than you care for him, you’ll stick around and keep showering him with your generous love.


There is a part of you that thinks you deserve pain and maltreatment. The other part is happy and loving but this dark part of you keeps punishing you for the things you resent about yourself.

That’s why you cling on to the wrong men and punish yourself for the things you’ve done wrong.


You fall for the wrong men because you think your love can change people. You have more than enough love in yourself for everyone and you’re not afraid to show it.

You’re deeply emotional and empathetic, so you keep giving the wrong men second chances even though they don’t deserve it. You think you can change their heart and lead them on the right path but sadly, you’re wrong.


Persistence and pride are your strongest characteristics. The fact that you fall for the wrong men, because you can’t have them, because maybe they don’t want you, is something that makes you want them even more.

It stops being a matter of love and it becomes a matter of principle and stubbornness.


When you fall in love, you are all in. You fail to see all the red flags and huge warning signs that the man you’re after is so not for you. You fail to see that he is toxic and emotionally unavailable because love blinds you.

Open your eyes and look out for a possible heartbreak. Try to prevent getting hurt next time.


You’re a positive person and you always see only the best in people until they use you and toss you away. That’s why you keep falling for the wrong men.

You keep giving them second chances, which they don’t deserve, because you believe that somewhere deep inside of them, they’re hiding something special. It’s not always like that and usually, you end up getting hurt.


You’re a true badass. You don’t run away from problems and it is even more interesting when you are faced with a challenge as you will never run away from it. That’s why you fall for the wrong men. They are a challenge that you have to take.


Put simply, you are a magnet for troubled boys. If a nice guy stood in front of you and told you he loved you, you would choose that bad guy walking by, giving you the look meaning ‘I want to have you’ and then move on.

That’s why you fall for the wrong men because you are only attracted to the ones who are bad for you.