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This Is Why You’re So Hard To Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Why You’re So Hard To Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Your biggest problem is that you get bored so easily. You cannot be stuck in a routine. That’s your biggest fear.

You are a restless spirit who needs to move from one place to another. So, when your partner is not trying hard enough to make you happy and to meet your standards, you get bored and you move on.


You think that you are always right. Your way is the right way. When it comes to compromising, you fail hard.

You refuse to listen to what the other side has got to say and that’s why you are so damn hard to love. Your stubbornness is going to cost you.


You just want to lay back and let someone else do all the work for you. You simply cannot make a decision.

God forbid there’s a choice you have to make. You don’t know what you want and that is often frustrating for the other party involved in your relationship.


You easily lose yourself in a relationship. You don’t have a firm attitude and you cannot fight for yourself. If your partner decides on something, you will agree because you are too nice to confront him.

You never complain or speak your mind because you don’t want any trouble. Being on board with all of your partner’s decisions can get old because there is no challenge. The only thing you are creating is monotony.


You only think about what other people will say about you and the actions you take. Often, you spend too much time on making your relationship look pretty from the outside, while it’s falling apart from the inside.

If you and your partner are not happy in your relationship, who cares how things look from the outside? No one, and neither should you.

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You build high walls around you, especially when you are feeling delicate. If you are hurt or you’re feeling threatened in any way, you will make a joke out of it.

You will goof around just to avoid a serious conversation. Your significant other will get tired of that eventually.


You like to divide one tiny problem into fragments and analyze each and every one of them, one by one. You can do this until the cows come home.

You also get jealous easily and you doubt your partner because you think they are going to cheat on you or do something behind your back. Don’t be so paranoid. Relax!


You hide your secrets like a snake hides its legs. The biggest issue in loving you is to get you to open up to your partner.

You refuse to talk about your past because you are afraid that other person won’t understand you. Well, if he doesn’t understand you, then he’s not the right person to be with.


You are so scared of getting hurt. That’s why you pretend like you have no emotions.

You are used to being alone and now that there is another person in the picture, you have problems with commitment.

You even lie to push people away from you just so you can be ‘safe’.


You feel like you don’t need anyone in your life to share what’s troubling you. You keep your emotions to yourself because you think you can handle them on your own.

You never truly open up to your partner and that is what makes him crazy. You leave an impression that you are emotionless and cold because of that.


You don’t try hard enough. You expect other people to treat you the best they can because you know you’ve deserved that.

But, when the situation is the other way around, you don’t do the same for them. You are prone to canceling things at the last minute, so your partner cannot really trust you. You tend to bail on people without any explanation.


You make a big deal out of nothing. When you are faced with any potential problem, you will make an actual problem out of it.

Your scenario is always the darkest and the most negative one. You will create a problem before your partner gets a chance to say what actually happened.

First, you make a conclusion and then you listen. Wrong!

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