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What Does Each Zodiac Sign Crave During Sex?

What Does Each Zodiac Sign Crave During Sex?

1. Aries

This zodiac sign is all about chasing. If you play hard to get, they will want you even more. But once they have you, they will try to connect with you on an emotional level. They like sharing intimacy with partners they love and nothing is too much for them to handle in that kind of a relationship.

2. Taurus

This zodiac sign craves orgasms, multiple orgasms. Thye don’t care about your feelings since all they want is some sex. They will plan how to seduce you, and once they have you, they will use you for their sex games. Don’t be surprised if your Taurus doesn’t call you the next day because he already got what he wanted.

3. Gemini

Gemini is very emotional so they will crave to see their partner enjoying. They will go the extra mile to make you feel like on cloud nine and they will be proud if the make it. Sex with them is always a great experience since they will do all to satisfy you in the ways you dind’t know exist.

4. Cancer

Are you ready for some 50 Shades of Grey sex? Because Cancer is all about dominance. They simply like to feel that they are dominant, and their partners are submissive. That game makes them turn on instantly and it makes them come as soon as possible. Even if they are very selfish during sex, after the game under the sheets is over, they like to cuddle and tell their partners how happy they are!

5. Leo

This king of the jungle is all about attention. You need to tell him that he is the best man you have ever had. You need to let him know that he is perfect and that no man ever made you feel as good as he did. Only these magic words can make a Leo get turned on and ready for some more action. He simply needs to hear that he is the best man you have ever had. If you forget to tell him so, he will be very disappointed. And believe me, you will be disappointed too, if you know what I mean!

6. Virgo

Love, love, love! That is all a Virgo needs while having sex. This sign will never sleep with somebody unless they love that person. They simply can’t enjoy having regular sex with a stranger. It has to be someone special, someone they can have their heart on their sleeve with, a special one who will understand them even if they don’t understand themselves! If they find a person like this, they will never let them go!

7. Libra

This sign likes submission. In fact, they like all sorts of sexy games that can turn them on. They are all about trying new stuff with new partners. If a Libra gets tired of you, they will just replace you with another partner in the blink of an eye. That’s why they are good only for one-night stands but they are definitely not hubby material.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio is all about connection. They love to have physical and mental connections as well. It is very important when they have a deep bond with their partners because it gives them the feeling of safety. So, if you want to seduce your Scorpio, try to develop a friendly bond first, and then try to seduce them.

9. Sagittarius

Uhhh, they like it dirty. They like kinky sexy games, dirty talk and making you do things you never thought you will do. Sex with them is an experience you will never forget so it pays off to listen to their stories about their amazing sex skills. They always try different things so if you are in bed with the, be prepeard for a lot of learning.

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10. Capricorn

Capricorn never has sex until they make a good plan for it. Everything needs to be as they imagined and if you are not respecting their rules they will be so mad. They don’t like to try new things and they always stick to what they know the best. Their partners need to be intelligent so they could understand what they want even if their Capricorn doesn’t tell them. Their needs are much more important than of their partner so that is probably the worst thing about them.

11. Aquarius

They like obsession and I must say it is not healthy. When they are in a relationship, they will be obsessed with their partners but they will never figure out that they are simply suffocating them. They think being obsessed with someone is a good sign, a sign of love. What they don’t understand is that their clinginess makes them look like control freaks and trust me, no woman wants to date people like that!

12. Pisces

This zodiac sign likes some romance while having sex. They are old-school, and sleeping with someone they have zero feelings for is definitely not their cup of tea. They want to show romance but they also want to get some romance from their partners. When everything is romantic, it is much easier to forget about daily problems and find some fun under the sheets!