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10 Damn Good Reasons To Walk Away

10 Damn Good Reasons To Walk Away

No woman is a quitter, especially when it comes to the people we care about and our relationships with them.

We will fight to the last breath to make it work, but what happens when you wake up one day and the only thought in your head is, ‘I’m done’?

What happens when you feel exhausted being in your own relationship and all it does is drain you?

When do you know it’s time to give up? When is the right time to walk away? Here are damn good reasons he is no longer worthy of your time and love.

You are not happy

worried woman lying in bed

No matter what the other reasons are, if you are not truly happy in a relationship and there is nothing you can do to fix it, walk away.

Keep in mind that your happiness matters, too. If you are always the one to give pieces of yourself to make others happy but end up feeling miserable after they leave or use your own love against you, they are not worth it.

No one is worthy of you sacrificing your happiness for them.

Your friends won’t hear about it anymore

two friends sit and talk

You have been having troubles in a relationship for what seems like an eternity now.

You looked for help from your friends and family, but they no longer want to hear about it.

They have given up on your relationship, hoping that you will do the same. What’s stopping you from doing it?

You spend more time crying than you do laughing

woman crying at home

Being in a relationship should make you happy, not upset or hurt.

Having someone by our side, someone we chose to be the person to walk next to us through life, is what a relationship is about.

But if that person is making you cry instead of picking you up and making you happy, it’s time to say, ‘I’m done’.

You feel anxious

sad woman sitting on the couch and hugging pillow

It’s that feeling when you are constantly looking over your shoulder, when there is no trust and when you feel like something is wrong, even when everything is just fine.

You are constantly worried about his reaction on something you did, afraid of him starting another argument. You feel sorry for the things you should not feel sorry about.

No one has the right to affect your mental health and to stress you out to the level of you losing it. Keep in mind that you deserve much more than constantly looking over your shoulder.

You don’t have the same future goals

sad couple sitting in bedroom

The most important thing about having a future in a relationship is having the same idea of it.

If one of you is not interested in getting married or having children while the other one is dreaming about babies, there can hardly be a future there.

If one of you decides to give up on their dreams to make other person happy, eventually resentment and regret will show and affect your relationship in a bad way.

It’s draining you

young woman lying on bed

Not only does it drain you emotionally, it drains your energy and strength, too.

It can even drain you financially, if you are the one who pays the bills and for dates. Soon, it will affect your ability to work, your concentration and sleep.

You constantly feel just so tired of everything—tired of his half-assed love, tired of being neglected, tired of being hurt. It’s time for you to put yourself first and leave him for good.

He is abusive

Young couple quarrels among themselves at home

There are so many types of abuse, but none of them is acceptable.

If you feel that he could be manipulating, controlling, verbally or emotional abusive, leave him immediately. It doesn’t have to be physical to be abuse.

He brings out the worst in you

sad couple sitting on bed

It seems like he just knows the way to press your buttons, to make you lose it in matter of seconds, when you were always the calm one.

He brings out the anger in you, the emotions you didn’t even know you are capable of having. He manages to bring out so much negativity, that it’s slowly starting to poison you and alter who you are.

Relationships are about bringing out the best version of ourselves. They are about supporting each other and being each other’s biggest fans.

But breaking each other and bringing out the worst is the main characteristic of a toxic relationship—one you should definitely leave.

He tries to bring you down

sad couple sitting on the couch apart

He is comparing you to other women, saying how they are better looking or smarter or funnier.

It’s his way to make himself feel better about himself by making you doubt your worth. He will try to belittle everything you do for him, for your relationship or whatever success you achieve.

No matter how hard you try, how much effort you put in, it will never be good enough. Is that kind of man really worthy of your hard work?

Is that kind of man really worthy of your love? Hell no!

There is no loyalty

jealous woman watching man texting

There is a reason they say that loyalty is the most important quality in relationships.

When there is no trust, no loyalty, there is no true love. If he doesn’t make you feel like you are the only woman alive, if he doesn’t listen to you when you are upset, if he ignores your wishes because they don’t match his, dump his ass!

True love requires commitment, loyalty and trust. Love without any of those things is no longer love. It’s just pain with a pink bow on it.

10 Damn Good Reasons To Walk Away