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10 Incredible Things That Define A Tough Girl

10 Incredible Things That Define A Tough Girl

In today’s society, it is really hard to be a tough girl because people often misinterpret her tough girl resilience and strength with being full of herself, having impossible standards or being a tomboy.

the real truth is far from it!

After so many years of the ‘damsel in distress’ concept, tough girls have finally taken the throne and showed to the world that they’re perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

They have shown the world that they don’t need a man to make them happy and that they are not willing to go out of their way for someone to notice them or like them.

Of course, they enjoy being noticed and liked but they prefer being loved for who they are and not for whom society wants them to be.

These strong independent girls are real gems in the sea of fake ideals and rules imposed by society

So, what are the real traits of and things that define a tough girl? Is it something connected to her appearance, with the way she walks or talks?

No, the concept has nothing to do with being a tomboy, winning Olympic gold, being a rambunctious athlete, being careless or having impossible standards.

A tough girl is a strong girl who fiercely and bravely dives into unknown waters.

She’s resilient and she knows how to stand up for herself but at the same time, she’s also sensitive and her heart consists of many fragile parts.

She’s not afraid to walk an arduous road because she believes in herself and she’s never willing to give up at the first obstacle.

And all of this, she had to learn by herself. Life has taught her the most valuable lessons in the hardest ways possible and she’s grateful for every experience, every hardship and every heartbreak.

Beneath every tough girl lies a broken girl who had to learn how to fight for herself in a world full of cruelty and injustice.

Sheis full of respect but first for herself and then for others. She has big dreams and she’s not afraid to fight for the things she believes in.

She’s careful with whom she spends her time because she values every second of her life and she doesn’t want to waste any of it on those who don’t deserve it.

Tough girls are everywhere around us. They are our sisters, girlfriends, our friends, our friend’s girlfriends…

They may look like regular girls but on the inside, they are a true miracle and here is a list of incredible things that define them:


A tough girl melts only in the right hands

She never goes out of her way for the wrong people.

So far, she’s learned that no matter how much you give to others, if they’re incapable of recognizing the real value of it, they will never be able to reciprocate.

And that is why she has promised herself that she will never give her heart to someone just to play with it.

She has had enough of all the games and drama in her life and she definitely has no time to deal with an army of immature boys, commitment-phobes or similar.

She has decided to patiently wait for the right guy for as long as it takes!

And she’s perfectly aware of the difficulty of her choice. It’s not easy—she gets lonely often.

But she prefers to be patient and wait for what she wants and what she deserves.

She knows he’ll be worth the wait and wasting her time on casual relationships is just not her thing.

She is honest and upfront

Being totally honest in today’s world equals being one hundred percent vulnerable and ready to be criticized by those who don’t value the real truth.

Being totally honest is a rare trait to have and that’s why only those brave enough to dare speak the truth have it.

A tough girl has it too. She is honest and upfront because she can’t stand being fake for selfish reasons or playing any kind of games behind other people’s backs.

She sees it as the ultimate sign of cowardice and she definitely doesn’t want to be a part of it.

She has chosen a different path for herself, a path where people might mistake her behavior for bitchy, careless or similar but that really is not the case.

She has chosen an honest path because she hates pretending and all that is fake in people.

She likes to express her own opinions openly, even when people are not quite ready to hear it and that’s why she’s a real gem.

She knows that her friends value her opinions because there is no sugarcoating them and that’s all she needs.

She surrounds herself with people who have the same values as her because only they are worthy of being a part of her everyday life.

She knows that only they understand how hard it is to be honest when everyone around you is doing the exact opposite and that’s why she chooses them to help her write the best stories of the miracle called life.

She has a hard time opening up about her feelings

She is tough for a reason. As a matter of fact, life made her that way and that is why sometimes she has a hard time opening up about her feelings, which is actually a good thing.

She has created this protective shield around her heart that keeps her safe from all potential harm.

She is honest and upfront about everything in her life except when she is in love.

When she catches actual feelings for somebody, she has a hard time admitting it to herself, let alone the other person involved.

When she notices that she’s falling hard for someone, she instantly presses the pause button in order to prevent her heart from falling into a trap.

She might feel more than someone who is forthright in these situations but there’s a valid reason behind her toughness.

She is only affectionate when she feels safe. She can only tell others how she feels once they convince her that their motives are pure.

Instead of fake words, the only thing she believes in is effort.

And if she sees that they are not ready to fight for her and treat her like a lady, she instantly deletes them from her heart and her mind.

Instead of waiting for them to change, she takes things into her own hands and prevents all possible harm beforehand.

She doesn’t waste time on false friendships

She nourishes connection with her friends, family and her close people because they are her biggest motivation and the biggest source of her strength.

But she doesn’t nourish just any kind of connection. She only focuses on real friendships and people who are worthy of being in her life.

So, if someone plays her for a fool once, they can be sure that they are not getting the chance to do it again.

She values friendship above all but when the trust is gone, there is no way to repair it.

In the past, she would have gone out of her way to save relationships that were not worthy of saving and by doing that, she harmed herself.

She was only focused on other people’s feelings instead of her own and she can no longer let that happen.

She can no longer fight for the wrong people only to be surrounded by their negative energy, lies and deceit.

It took her a lot of time to learn that friendships are based on trust and once you lose that trust, there is no going back.

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She is confident and ambitious

Instead of wasting her time on her browsing history, she’s fully devoted to the present and the upcoming future.

She is there to conquer the world. She has her own wish list and goals to achieve and she will try and retry again and again until she succeeds in it.

She has plans on how to get there. She is highly motivated and passionate about her career and hobbies, about things that inspire her and mean a lot to her.

Instead of making excuses like the majority of civilization, she gives her best to make an effort and fight for her dreams.

And even when things don’t go smoothly and she gets sidetracked, she finds her way back. She believes in herself.

She knows that being persistent is the only way to get ahead.

She knows that the key to success is to keep moving forward no matter how far away the finish line is and no matter how hard it is to continue walking, running, stumbling and walking again.

And when she gets older, she will proudly and with joy in her eyes recount to her grandchildren the tale of her long walk on that arduous road; the tale of her athletic training on the journey called life.

She will show them a podcast of her beautiful memories that were created by her confidence and pure ambition.

She has a tough exterior but a soft interior

She might not seem the affectionate type at first but she feels more profoundly than anyone you can come across.

She is not without emotions (like some zodiac signs out there); she simply doesn’t show them much in order to protect herself.

A tough girl has gone through lots of heartbreaks in her past and that is the main reason why she has changed.

She’s no longer the same innocent girl she used to be. People used her good heart in the past but there is no way that they will do it again.

People expected her to be there for them even when they didn’t deserve any of it but there’s no way they will do it again.

She knows better now. Her past has taught her how to fight for herself, how to protect her happiness and how to fight back.

Her battles have brought her strength, wisdom and new perspectives.

She decided to replace all of her bad stories with the best stories that life can give. From an innocent girl, she’s become a rambunctious athlete—unstoppable, motivated and devoted.

She wasn’t born tough—life made her tough. But one thing is for sure, she is the best and most loving person you will ever meet!

She relies on her gut

Our gut is that little voice in our head telling us when something’s right or wrong, when we should do something and when we should retreat.

It takes a lot of courage to listen to one’s gut and that’s exactly what a tough girl does.

She relies on that little voice in her head, which is her main compass when it comes to her love life, and all the other life challenges.

She always relies on her gut no matter what because she knows that it’s her soul giving her a message when something’s right or wrong.

She relies on her gut until people win her trust and that is how she knows who’s worthy of her time and who is definitely not.

She is in tune with her inner self and she knows exactly how she should act and what words she should say.

She relies on all of her senses because she knows that they are a gift from God and sometimes her only true friends.

She never settles for less

If her feelings are not being reciprocated and she doesn’t get the same treatment she’s giving others, she simply walks away.

She doesn’t waste a second of her time waiting for someone to change and start treating her the way she deserves.

A tough girl would rather stay single than settle for less!

She can’t stand mediocrity, lack of effort, laziness or excuses. She believes in mutual reciprocity, mutual respect and mutual affection.

She’s ready to treat everyone with the same amount of respect and that is why she expects the same thing in return.

She never settles for less because she knows that she deserves the best. She worked hard to become the person she is today.

That’s why she will never give all of herself to someone who is not capable of being there for her and loving her the way she loves.

She’s patient

A strong girl is determined, resilient and sometimes a little bit stubborn but she’s also patient.

She gives everyone enough time to prove themselves and if they don’t capture her attention, she just continues living her life without ever bothering about things like, “What if” and, “I should’ve”.

She knows that she’s fair to everyone and it’s up to them whether they’re going to win her trust or lose it.

She’s patient enough to wait for the things she deserves instead of settling for less.

She knows that it takes time to find someone special and to build something special and that’s why she’s not in a rush.

She knows that she will meet the One when she least expects it and until that happens, she will continue enjoying her life to the fullest!

Tough is the only way she knows and it’s not always easy

The thing about being tough is that people expect you to be tough all the time.

They expect you to swim in unknown waters for an eternity, as if you’re a part of an Olympic team so you’ll never get tired of it.

They know that they can depend on you and that you are always the strong one.

But the truth is that even the strongest ones need a break from time to time because they are only human after all.

The truth is that even tough girls sometimes need time off in order to regain their strength and continue their battles.

That’s why being tough gets tough at times. She gets tired of it and she sometimes feels lonely.

She would like to have somebody in her life who she can lean on too, for a change.

And even though it’s not easy to be a tough girl, she would never give up on it!

She would never replace her strength, independence or wisdom for something fake because she knows that she was born for greatness.

She will never stop fighting until she achieves all of her goals and dreams.

She will never pretend that she is something that she’s not and the right people will praise this brave trait that only a few have.

The right people will respect her and appreciate her for who she really is—a tough girl with a lion’s heart that is both strong and sensitive at the same time.

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