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A Strong Woman Doesn’t Have An ‘Attitude’, She Has Standards

A Strong Woman Doesn’t Have An ‘Attitude’, She Has Standards

When men see a strong woman they can’t have, the first thing they’ll say is that she is too picky.

They’ll accuse her of being snobbish and for acting like she is better than them, without any reason.

When a man meets a powerful, self-confident woman who knows what she wants from life and isn’t afraid to get it, he’ll run as fast as he can. But not because he doesn’t like her.

No, he’ll run away from this woman because he is scared. Because he is intimidated by her strength and greatness and because he knows that he’ll never be enough for her.

And when a woman like this refuses him, he won’t take, “No,” for an answer. He won’t accept that she wants more from life or that her deal-breakers simply don’t allow him to be with her.

Instead of working on becoming the best possible version of himself and getting a chance of winning this girl over, he will accuse her of being too negative and rude.

He will accuse her of thinking too much of herself and of having an attitude.

Well, let me tell you something—having an attitude and having standards are two completely different things.

Because a strong woman never has an ‘attitude’. Instead, she has strong deal-breakers and high standards which she doesn’t want to lower for anyone.

Having boundaries and expecting everyone else to respect them isn’t attitude. It only means that you aren’t ready to go against your moral norms or values just to please someone. It means that you won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with just for the sake of someone else.

Saying no to a guy you don’t like isn’t attitude. You have the right to like whomever you want to like and to date who the hell you want to date.

Just because you are not interested in a man doesn’t make you cocky or stuffy. Instead, it makes you fair because you clearly don’t want to string someone along just not to be alone.

Not wanting a relationship isn’t attitude. It means that you’ve embraced your single life and that you are enjoying every second of it. It means that you’re dedicating all of your time and energy to some more important things right now.

Walking away from a man who doesn’t treat you the way he should isn’t attitude—it’s not settling for less.

It is you showing yourself and everyone that you can’t be manipulated into staying in a lousy relationship just because you wasted years on it. You know you can do better and you are ready to remain single until the man you want and need comes along.

Cutting toxic people out of your life isn’t attitude. It means that you have enough courage to break all ties with someone who’s been in your life for a long time, simply because you see that they don’t have a good impact on your life.

It just means that you don’t want their negativity and toxicity exhausting you. You want to surround yourself with positivity and optimism and the last thing you need is emotional vampires to suck you dry.

Demanding appreciation isn’t attitude. It only means that you respect yourself enough not to let others treat you any differently.

Being yourself isn’t attitude. It only means that you’ve embraced your imperfections and that you are not trying to present yourself as flawless.

You’ve worked hard to become the woman you are today and you are not ready to change yourself for anyone.

You are not ready to mold yourself to fit into society’s standards or to be more likable to some and the last thing you plan on doing is comparing yourself to anyone. And whoever can’t accept the real you doesn’t deserve a place in your life.

Having high self-confidence isn’t attitude. It is not allowing others to diminish you in any way possible and not allowing people to treat you like crap. It is knowing everything you are capable of and having faith in yourself.

Putting yourself first isn’t attitude. It is knowing your self-worth and knowing that prioritizing yourself is never selfish. It is loving yourself above everyone else and not expecting others to compensate for the lack of that love.