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10 Personality Traits That Are Complete Turn-Offs For Every Woman

10 Personality Traits That Are Complete Turn-Offs For Every Woman

It’s always about men and how they find women to be dramatic or needy but let’s put men in the spotlight and show them all the things they do, all the personality traits they have, that are complete turn-offs for women!

When women see these personality traits, they will do as much as they can to go out of their own way just to avoid them.

1. Boring

If a man starts talking about things that don’t have any order, any story behind it or don’t know when to stop talking, it gets annoying to the point where it’s nothing more than a turn-off.

A woman wants someone who has something new to teach them, someone with whom they can travel the world with.

Not someone who doesn’t even know what they want from their life or what they want in a relationship.

It’s a huge turn-off is a man doesn’t want to go out with friends and have some fun, it’s just plain boring, and you can’t do anything with this type of man.

2. Possessive

I am a free woman and I want to live my life the way I want. If you’re trying to tell me what to do, what to think and with whom I may or may not go out with, we have a problem.

Let me say this, just once—I am not your property. You must be used to women who want to belong to someone but a strong woman belongs to herself, so if you try to put her in a cage, she will turn her back on you and that’ll be the last you’ll see of her.

3. Melodramatic

Believe me, women aren’t always the dramatic ones. If a man throws a tantrum every time a woman says something that isn’t to his liking, it’s nothing more than a turn-off.

A woman wants someone who will know how to take constructive criticism and turn it into improvement, not someone who thinks that everything is offensive and slams the door.

4. Aggressive

Women are gentle and fragile beings who want to be treated like rose petals. Their hearts are breakable and they need to be treated with respect.

If someone comes along and tries to break it all apart, women tend to run away as fast as they can.

Maybe it’s in your nature and you don’t mean to offend anyone but it still wouldn’t hurt if you tried to be a little more gentle.

5. Dishonesty

Lie to a woman and you’ll lose all the trust she had in you. You can’t lie to her about anything without her leaving you.

You can tell her once that you’ve been out with your family but if you actually went out with some friends, she will hold it against you.

There is nothing a woman hates as much as when someone’s dishonest.

That means that you don’t respect or love your partner enough to be honest with them. It’s such a turn-off.

6. Selfish

Women love to love and that brings a lot of sacrifice with it. She will always give you the last piece of cake because she loves you, she will always dedicate a bit of her time to you all because she loves you.

But if she’s the only one sharing her life, then there’s something we need to discuss. You can’t be in a relationship and be selfish.

Relationships are about sharing secrets, sharing food, sharing a bed. There’s no room for selfishness in the eyes of a woman.

7. Pessimistic

How many times have you seen a woman break and then pick herself up again?

It’s because women are fighters who have faith in a better future and they hate it when someone tries to bring them down. There’s no room for pessimists in the lives of women.

8. Dependent

A strong, independent woman can’t be in a relationship with a man who can’t take care of himself.

If you need her to make you every meal today and if you need her to be by your side and never leave the house, then we have a huge problem.

There is no woman out there who needs a man in her life who is dependent. It’s like taking care of a big baby.

It’s just a huge turn-off. If she can take care of herself, at least do the same.

9. Uncommunicative

As you may or may not have realized by now, women love to talk.

We simply love to talk things through to the point where we solve every problem in our life through conversation.

That’s why if we need to drag every word out of you, there will come a point where we’ll stop trying.

Men who don’t know how to express their wants, needs or emotions aren’t really interesting to us.

10. Detached

How can you be detached from anyone and anything? Women are passionate beings who give themselves too much to people just so they can feel alive and what do you do?

You are detached to the point of not caring at all. That’s the biggest turn-off of them all.