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Why Dating An Easy-Going Girl Will Be The Best Choice You’ll Ever Make

Why Dating An Easy-Going Girl Will Be The Best Choice You’ll Ever Make

An easy-going girl is like a breath of fresh air in all this mess that is life. If you are one of the lucky men dating one, you have to appreciate the treasure you have come across.

An easy-going girl is the complete opposite of a clingy one. She has her own life and plays by her own rules.

She will be more than happy to make you a great part of that world but rest assured that it won’t revolve around you.

If you want to find out more about her, look at these 12 signs listed below and see why dating an easy-going girl will be the best choice you will ever make.

1. She moves one step at a time

She never gets ahead of herself. She is not one of those women who after few dates starts naming your children.

She knows that good things take time and she prefers it that way.

She knows that a good relationship needs solid foundations. She will be a girl you have to get to know better before calling her your girlfriend.

2. She knows that simple things in life are the ones that bring the most joy

She doesn’t need you to take her out to fancy restaurants or buy her expensive things to impress her.

She will be more than happy to eat take-out food and watch Netflix. She is up for just about anything but she wants to know that you put some thought into it.

She will value any effort you put into your date night. When it comes to gifts, if you appear with her favorite chocolate in your hands it will mean the world to her.

And who wouldn’t be happy to date a girl who keeps things simple and finds joy in almost anything?

3. She is easy to talk to

She is the kind of girl you feel like you have known your entire life. You will have no problem with opening up to her real soon. There is something in her friendly nature that just inspires trust.

She will always listen attentively and she never passes judgment. She knows that we are all flawed, including herself, and she treats you like she would like to be treated.

4. Her life doesn’t revolve around your texts

She is not the kind of girl who sits and waits for your text. She has her own life and her own schedule to follow.

She won’t care that sometimes you will need hours to respond and sometimes seconds.

As long as you keep in touch, that’s fine by her because she will probably find herself in situations where she will be unable to respond right away too.

5. She never pretends to be something she’s not

She knows it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it that makes the difference.

She is the same person when she is all dressed up and when she is in casual wear.

She is the kind of girl who won’t mind chilling with you all day in her sweatpants and she is the most adorable woman you will have ever met.

She is so laid-back and comfortable in her own skin that you can’t help but feel comfortable around her.

6. She is flexible with her time but she won’t accept last-minute dates

She doesn’t mind if you go on a date early in the morning, some time in the afternoon or at night, just as long as you let her know in good time.

She wants to see you and will make time for you but don’t call her last-minute or try late-night lonely calls on her because they will never work. Respect her time and she will respect yours.

7. Her level of jealousy equals zero

She never compares herself with other women. She knows who she is and she is aware of her worth.

If you have started dating, you will have her trust and she will never make a mountain out of a molehill.

But if you misuse her trust, you will cease to exist in her eyes. She is not big on second chances when trust is at stake.

8. She doesn’t get mad without a good reason

You will never go through some pointless drama with her. She likes to keep things simple.

So if you made her mad, you are probably guilty as charged because you really need to mess something up for her to make a fuss about it. She won’t put up with unbearable things.

9. She doesn’t judge a man by his suit

She doesn’t care what your career choice is, as long as you are willing to work. She is more than capable of making a living herself and doesn’t need a sugar daddy to support her financially.

She needs a man who will be responsible and hard-working to be her equal partner one day and not somebody she needs to provide for.

10. She prefers to keep things private

She will have no problem if you don’t post your photos all over social media because she doesn’t think that they prove anything.

She is more concerned with what you have in your own little world than publicly displaying your love. She likes her privacy and I believe you can agree with her on that.

11. She follows her feelings

She lives in the moment. She doesn’t overanalyze every situation because she is too busy with her life.

She doesn’t have a guidebook for living and loving. She goes with the flow and the only rules she follows are the ones imprinted on her heart.

She is spontaneous and fun to be around without even trying, it’s all just part of her nature.

12. She keeps things simple

Treat her right and she’ll give you her world, treat her poorly and watch her leave.

She won’t stick around and tolerate her goodness being tossed in the mud.

She won’t tolerate disrespect, lack of reciprocity or being mistreated in any way.

She might love you more than she loves herself but she won’t stand by your side if you take her heart for granted. So treat her right and you will be the luckiest man alive.