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10 Proven Signs You Are People-Hater

10 Proven Signs You Are People-Hater

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people-haters nowadays. For some reason, we hate people because of the way they act, speak or talk. And when I have those days in the month, I hate my own mother so you can just imagine how I feel about strangers.

The harsh truth is that people will piss us off and let us down. That’s the way that cookie crumbles. It’s up to us how we are going to react in certain situations when we don’t feel so comfortable.

Here are some situations that make me feel like a freaking monster. So, keep reading if you feel my pain!

1. I hate when strangers talk to me.

You are sitting on a bench in a park next to someone and they start talking to you. How I hate this thing. I would rather take their heads off.

Why do people like to talk to strangers? Just leave me alone if you don’t know me. Maybe I am meditating or something, so just back off, okay?

2. I hate places where I am stuck with people.

Elevators for example. Or waiting in line to pay my bills. All those people around me who are looking at me in  a strange way just make me feel anxious. The worst feeling is when I am standing in line in a post office and there is an old guy behind me sniffing my neck.

I am positive that he didn’t take a shower for at least two days and from his awful breath, I could faint in front of him. Hey, it’s the 21st century and yes, there is enough water for all of us.

3. I hate when someone interrupts me while I am talking on the phone.

I mean, SERIOUSLY dude? Don’t you see that I am busy? For those who don’t understand my serious look, I give that ‘resting bitch’ look. That’s my secret weapon and it always works.

4. Meeting new people is a pain in the butt for me.

Period. I hate the small talk and I know that I will never see those people again. It is so frustrating. Every word that comes out of my mouth is forced and I feel bad about it. So just leave me alone, okay?

5. I hate fucking group texts.

I hate the guy who invented this shit. Don’t you know I hate those messages of hope and happiness? And especially in a group of people I actually don’t know. When I get a notification like this, honestly I bite, so don’t mess around with me.

6. I hate people who sneeze over and over again.

OMG how I hate that. And to make things worse, he does that in front of me and he is not trying to cover his mouth. Like I like having a sore throat or pneumonia. And the Grand Finale is when he touches the door and leaves all his bacteria on it. I am speechless.

7. I HATE being in a crowded restaurant.

If I wanted people to listen to my secrets, I would have gone to holy confession instead of a restaurant. So leave me alone to eat my dish and talk normally with my friends. Am I asking too much? I thought so!

8. I have absolutely no patience for anything.

No matter if I am in a waiting line or at the doctor’s, I am so freaking nervous. I wish I was the only person there and they had to treat me like a queen. But, let’s be real, that is only happening in fairytales and unfortunately, I’m not part of one. Too bad.

9. I hate talking to people over the phone.

But those are not just ordinary people. Those are emotional vampires who just call to tell me how their day was awful. The last thing I need is to listen to your problems when my own are even bigger. So, back off, okay? Thank you!

10. Sarcasm saved me so many times.

If I told people what I actually think about them, I am sure they would never speak to me again. Thank God for inventing sarcasm!