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40 Super Cute ‘Good Morning’ Texts That Will Make Your Loved One Smile

40 Super Cute ‘Good Morning’ Texts That Will Make Your Loved One Smile

1. “I had a dream about you last night.”

2. “I hope you slept well.”

3. “You are my sunshine.”

4. “You’re so beautiful.”

5. “I can’t wait to see you today!”

6. “I wish I was waking up next to you.”

7. “I love you.”

8. “You’re the best. Hope you have a wonderful day today.”

9. “You’re my favorite coffee.”

10. “You make each new day better.”

11. “I already miss you.”

12. “You’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up.”

13. “I’m getting butterflies because I know I’ll see you later.”

14. “Tell me if I can do anything for you today.”

15. “I’m always proud of you.”

16. “I’m counting down the minutes until I get to see you again.”

17. “I need you so much right now.”

18. “Thank you for a perfect night last night.”

19. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

20. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

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21. “Every day, I discover something new to love about you.”

22. “I wish we could just cuddle for the rest of the day.”

23. “You. Me. Lunch. Today. My treat.”

24. “Everything sucks without you by my side.”

25. “Being with you is even better than sleeping.”

26. “I’ll bring you coffee later.”

27. “You’re amazing. Keep that in mind.”

28. “Only you can make my day better.”

29. “I’m your biggest fan.”

30. “I hope you know I’m here for you in case you need anything.”

31. “I’m so much in love with you.”

32. “Knowing that I can see you and hug you makes every morning the best morning.”

33. “I hope I make you happy as much as you make me every single day.”

34. “Good morning to my favorite person in the world.”

35. “Let’s make plans for the weekend. I need more time with you.”

36. “I don’t know how I deserved you, but I’m so thankful for having you.”

37. “It’s a beautiful day today, but not as beautiful as you are.”

38. “I can’t wait to hear your voice today.”

39. “Thank you for being my support each and every single day.”

40. “I wish we could just pack our bags and go somewhere far away together. Right now.”