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Qualities Of A Good Woman: 10 Things That Set Them Apart

Qualities Of A Good Woman: 10 Things That Set Them Apart

You would probably agree with me that nowadays a good woman is mighty difficult to find.

In this world of chaos, there are no morals anymore and everybody is sleeping with the first stranger they meet.

Guys don’t respect normal girls and girls don’t respect loving and caring guys. Everything has seemingly changed for the worse. 

At times, you start to think to yourself how amazing it would be not having to date anymore, because the chances of finding someone worthy are slim to none.

So, how to find a high-quality woman? How to find someone who will be the mother of your children? How to find someone who will be your best friend and your lover at the same time? It looks like a mission impossible.

But rest assured, there are still good women out there. They’re well hidden but their qualities are so distinctive in this peculiar world we’re living that you can easily set them apart from the rest.

Look a little deeper and sure enough, you’ll find yourself one of those amazing women.

And if you recognize your lady in some of these admirable traits, congratulations; you have found yourself a keeper!

Here is a list of commendable qualities of a good woman. Look closely and pay attention. She could be just around the corner!

Qualities of a good woman: 10 things that set them apart!

She is a woman, not a girl

If you want to end up with a girl who plays games, you can do that but I am sure you will be bored with her in the blink of an eye.

That will be fun for you only at the beginning of the relationship but I am sure that later in your life you will want someone you can lean on and count on at all times.

So on the other hand, a real, mature woman will always be intriguing and interesting, making you reach some higher goals and pushing you forward.

She will be the best version of herself when she is with you and she will make you be the same thing.

So now it depends on what you want: To play video games till late at night with a schoolgirl or to play wild games under the sheets with a real woman?

She is intellectually challenging

I know it is difficult to see whether someone is intellectual or not on the first date.

Looks is what draws us to people but character is what keeps us close to them.

But when you spend some time with a woman, you will see what her thoughts are about different things and what her outlook on life is. And trust me, that speaks a lot about her personality.

A quality woman will have the ability to hold real discussions about meaningful topics.

She will make you think about some things you have never thought of before and will try to share her knowledge with you and that is something that will pay off in the long run.

She is honest and genuine

She could be the most beautiful woman on earth but if she is a liar, everything will be in vain.

She will be good for a short time but after that, you will realize that you can’t develop anything serious with her and you will just give up.

If you cannot trust your partner or believe what they say, how can you construct a solid, lasting foundation with them? You can’t.

But when a woman you love is honest, you can be sure that you will have a best friend and a lover in her and that she will never bring you down.

She puts the effort in for you

This is one of the most important qualities of a good woman. You should bear in mind that relationships are all about give and take.

If she is trying to do the same things as she did at the beginning of your relationship, it means she is continuing to put the effort into your relationship.

It means that she loves you and appreciates you and that she has no problem going the extra mile to make you happy.

So cherish her, because a lady like this will transform into a woman to love!

Sex won’t happen for a while

You can forget about sex in the first days of your relationship. With a quality woman, it will happen once your relationship gets to a higher level.

Bear in mind that she is not a one-night stand. She is a woman who wants to commit to you but giving you her body on the first date is not so appealing to her.

That’s why she will wait for the right moment for that to happen and once she gives herself all in, she will commit to you completely.

One more thing—if you decide you can’t stand being without sex and cheat on her, you can say goodbye forever.

She will never forgive your betrayal because she knows she is worth the wait.

She will not give ultimatums

If you want to spend a night out with the guys, she won’t have anything against that.

She knows how important friends are and having some time for them is what makes your life rich.

You can forget about hysterical attacks and drama with her. She respects your time with the guys and she wants you to respects hers with the girls.

She is not the type of person who will check how many times you went out so she can do the same thing but she will just leave you alone.

She is all down-to-earth and she knows her value. I hope you will know it, too.

She won’t smother you

You know how important your personal space is to you. If you have a high–quality woman, you will never have to ask her to give you some space.

She is smart enough to see how much time you need to spend alone. It is important that in every relationship, both partners have some time for themselves and that they can use it how they want.

She knows your friends have been a part of your life since before her and she can’t compete with them.

She will need her space too but she won’t mind giving it to you!

She will always be there and she’ll make sure you know it, just like she’ll give you your personal time without making a problem out of it.

A healthy balance is what constitutes a good relationship and a good woman knows that.

She doesn’t have time for petty jealousy


A good woman knows how to pick a man who won’t give her a reason to be jealous and she will be secure in herself. In any successful relationship, a little bit of jealousy is normal. 

It’s normal to feel it to a certain degree but it should never be something that takes up too much of your time and this woman knows this.

She will be cool, calm and collected and she will never let her jealousy transform her into someone she is not.

She is driven and ambitious

This woman has her own life, ambitions and dreams. She will never put them aside for anyone.

She knows what she wants out of life and she will never give up on her dreams.

But the thing is, she will never let it get in the way of her private life. She knows how to find that perfect balance between ambition and romance.

She is a real master in making a balance between her private and business life.

But as soon as you get to know her better, you will see how amazing she is.

Your love life will never suffer and she will always give you the attention you deserve.

She is classy and dignified

She carries herself with the utmost class and respect. She will never stoop to the levels of those who challenge her. She is too good for that.

She doesn’t care what clothes you wear or how much money you have in your wallet.

She only cares that you are a kind human being and that that you show respect to her and those around you and she does the same.

Those who don’t share these views are the people she has zero time for.

She knows who is worth her time and who to ignore and she has no problem finding the distinction between the two.