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8 Most Common Mixed Signals Guys Send And Their Meaning

8 Most Common Mixed Signals Guys Send And Their Meaning

Don’t you just hate mixed signals? What did he think when he said/did/didn’t do this or that?

It’s kinda frustrating. But it seems like the dating scene of today can’t survive without mixed signals.

Entering the mind of a male and trying to understand where they are coming from is not easy.

However, we did our homework. We asked 30 men to be brutally honest when it comes to mixed signals and this is what we found out:

A random text out of the blue after disappearing on you for a long period of time



He is just checking if you are still there, if you still care enough to answer.

He usually doesn’t want anything concrete, he just wants your attention.

If a text is short and effortless, don’t even bother to text back. He wants to boost his ego by believing that he can have you any time his text lights up your phone.

Texting all the time but never asking you out

This is a man who texts without intention. He just enjoys keeping in touch with you, he likes the conversation and enjoys the attention he is getting and nothing more.

If you have been texting or keeping in touch in any way for a while now and he hasn’t had the decency to take you on a proper date, you are in a flirtationship that’s never turning into a real relationship.

He initiates the conversation and then disappears for a long time

He’s definitely playing games. Let’s face it—a man who sends you a text you replied to almost immediately still has his phone in his hands and he sees that you texted back.

He is just delaying the response to let you know that you are playing by his rules.

He wants to build the tension and anticipation and get you more hooked. Don’t play his game.

He pulls away after a few good dates

The first and most probable thing here is that he is not dating only you, if he had time to text and meet up with you before and now he is using the ‘busy’ excuse.

He is probably seeing other women alongside you. Don’t get too attached and keep your options open.

Secondly, he might not be ready for a relationship because he went through a break-up recently and he only just realized that. If that’s the case, thank him for not making you his rebound girlfriend and wave him goodbye.

When he says he just wants to be friends but still keeps flirting with you

He wants you in his life, he probably even likes you but he doesn’t want to date you or enter into a relationship with you.

That’s why staying in your life as your friend is the safest way to go.

He made it clear that he is not into anything serious so he has no obstacles to flirting with you freely. But don’t get confused, it is just for the sake of flirting; some men are simply like that.

He is all about late-night calls

When a man only calls or texts late at night, his intentions are clear—he wants to get naked with you.

He is probably drunk and alone, or both of the two, and in need of some TLC and trying to see if it’s possible with you.

If he doesn’t ask you out, if he never meets up with you during the day and you only see each other when he finds it convenient, you have to face the fact that you are his booty call, a friend with benefits and nothing more.

He saw you with some other guy and he is making an effort now

He saw you with some random guy, who may well be just your friend, but the thing is his jealousy was sparked. He is texting and calling, and commenting on and liking photos on your social media all of a sudden.

He is probably behaving like this because he sees the other guy as competition and as soon as he sees that he can have you back, he will be cold again.

What’s happening here is that he doesn’t want to be with you but he doesn’t want the other guy to be with you either. Don’t fall for this.

He says he is not ready for a relationship RIGHT NOW

He really might not be ready or he is being smart and playing games.

He knows how the female brain works and that by adding ‘right now’ to his sentence, that will be the only thing she will hear.

He is awakening false hopes that someday something more meaningful might happen, especially if his story follows with ‘let’s have fun’, ‘we don’t need labels’ or ‘let’s keep it casual for now and see what happens’.

You don’t have to wait and see anything, he is just telling you that he is not relationship material and he never will be as far as you are concerned.

Don’t waste your time hooking up with him if you want something more real.

The bottom line is a guy who likes you won’t send you mixed signals, apart from maybe very early on while he is still trying to figure out where he stands with you, to avoid getting ahead of himself.

But if his behavior continues, don’t even bother reading his mixed signals and send him packing.

You need someone who is into you and not afraid to show it. You need someone you can communicate with openly and honestly and not someone who wants you to read his mind.