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10 Qualities Of A Strong Woman That Most Men Can’t Handle

10 Qualities Of A Strong Woman That Most Men Can’t Handle

Every little girl wants to be a strong woman when she grows up.

She wants to fight her own battles but as we grow up, we see that it’s not that easy.

We go through a lot to actually become one strong woman, to start the life we desire to have and to never fall under the feet of men.

This why we are so intriguing to men, as they find us and our passions interesting and they start believing that they are able to tame us. The moment they see how fierce we are, they get intimidated and back down.

These amazing and powerful women are more than able to remain happy single, but when they meet a man that they are interested in, they want him to be strong and independent, someone with integrity.

If you can’t handle these qualities of an independent woman, you’re free to leave:

1. She fights for herself

She doesn’t need a knight, she needs a sword. She doesn’t need a man to fix her or save her, she does it perfectly well herself.

Because of the fact that men are natural protectors, they get intimidated when they see that a woman can do it all by herself. Their masculinity is taken into question when they’re in the presence of a strong woman.

2. She is honest and she can detect your lies

She always says what’s on her mind and there is no questioning her honesty and loyalty and she wants the same thing from you. Do you really think that she’s been this strong from birth?

No. She’s been through a lot and she works like a real-life lie detector and she needs you to be honest and loyal to her, too.

3. She doesn’t need attention, she needs respect

Don’t confuse these two. She isn’t begging you for attention, she demands respect. If a guy is kind of distant and doesn’t know how to approach her and that’s why he plays hard to get, she will simply pack her stuff and walk away.

She doesn’t need someone who will play with her. That’s something for kindergarten, not for a serious relationship with a strong woman.

4. She’s passionate

About everything she does—she’s passionate! She wants to embrace all the ups and downs of life and she isn’t scared to take risks.

This may make her seem like she is a bit hard to handle, but it’s worth it, because you will never be bored if you share your life with a strong woman.

5. She’s isn’t afraid of vulnerability or intimacy

She gives you everything and she expects the same from you, regardless of how much that might be. She wants to share your happiness, sadness, everything.

That’s what makes her so wonderful. She will show all her vulnerable sides of herself and the intimacy that you will get with her is above anything you will have ever experienced.

6. She’s picky

She knows that any man can fulfill her sexual desires, but only a real man can actually handle her wild nature.

She won’t fall for just anyone, but when she does, you must know that there will be no one as precious to her than the man she picked.

7. She loves fearlessly

She loves with every part of her being, so fearlessly and like a hurricane. She will give you everything because she picked you and she knows that you are worthy of her.

She is extremely faithful and she has a nurturing side so she will always take care of you.

8. She knows her worth (and yours, too)

If you respect and appreciate her, she will do anything that is needed to make you happy. She will go through hell for you and she loves with integrity. With that said, one bad, little move and she will leave you and go her own way.

There is no one in this world that she needs besides herself, so keep that in mind. However, if you are faithful and loving to her, she will give everything she has to make you feel loved as well.

9. She won’t wait for you

Hi! Hello! Yes! If you didn’t know already, she has her own life to take care of.

She has no time to sit around waiting for you to come and love her. She has work to do that is much more important than that.

10. She will turn you into the best version of yourself

She simply loves to dig into the personalities of others and to find out their deepest secrets and desires. It’s like a drug to her when you talk about the things you love, but still keep a secret.

No, she won’t force you to read ten books a day, rather she will try to make you realize your incredible potential and she will show you how capable you are of turning your life into something wonderful.

She will inspire you to be the best you can.