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10 Reasons A Girl With No Chill Is The Best Girlfriend You Will Ever Have

10 Reasons A Girl With No Chill Is The Best Girlfriend You Will Ever Have

You know what? Girls with no chill are the real deal.

Not only does she care about others but also tries to be the best version of herself and in that way, help those that need her. In a world like this, a girl with no chill is definitely an endangered species, so every man who has one next to himself can consider himself happy.

And if you think you haven’t caught a golden fish, here are 10 reasons good enough to keep that girl next to you, because she definitely is a keeper.

1. She is a born leader

This is a girl who is not afraid to take the lead. She won’t let you make all the big decisions and if the two of you are struggling to make a plan, she would be more than happy to think of something interesting you can do that evening.

She is always active and wants everyone to feel good and have as much as they can. Real goodie, right?

2. She knows what she wants

If she is good, it doesn’t mean that she is stupid. She is a girl who can make boundaries between helping people and not let them take advantage of her.

A girl with no chill will never go with the flow and if she wants you to be part of her life, she will do anything to win you over. And yes, she will show off with you in front of her friends because she is so proud of her own choice—you!

3. She is loyal to the bone

One-night stand mixed with a girl with no chill—mission impossible! She is a not a girl who will find physical pleasures with another guy if being in a relationship.

She knows how a broken heart hurts and she doesn’t want to do that to any human being. If she likes you, she will make it clear, so you don’t need to doubt if she is into someone else at the same time. That’s not her cup of tea.

4. She won’t change because of anyone

A girl with no chill knows that she has to get her shit together and make some principles in her life. Changing because of someone is not something she wants.

If she changes, she will do that just because she is ready for that and not to please some fuckboy who will destroy her and leave her in tears. She has learned this lesson the tough way but that is something nobody can take away from her.

5. She is passionate

What else can you expect from a girl with no chill? She will be passionate in everything she does because she does it all with heart and emotions. She feels the best when she makes other people happy by telling them a kind word or just reminding them how amazing they are.

That is a kind of feeling all the money in this world can’t replace and that’s a reason why she has chosen that path.

6. She is always ready for action

Woman sitting on car with packed suitcase

You want to go traveling? She is in! You want to climb Mt. Everest? She is definitely in! A girl with no chill can really be your best support in all your crazy decisions. She is someone who feels alive when moving and she doesn’t want to stop with that kind of a life. And believe it or not, because of these things, many guys find her attractive.

7. She doesn’t play mind games

She simply can’t understand people who play some games to get what they want. If she doesn’t like something, she will speak up and she expects you to do the same thing.

You don’t need to pretend to be someone else in front of her—she just wants you to be the real you!

8. She is emotional

All the good girls tend to be emotional and this is a characteristic that can sometimes bring her more pain than happiness. She has the ability to see the world in a different way than others and even if some people can’t see that something wrong is happening, she will be the first one to see it.

She will always stick to good and honest people and take their sides when they are being attacked. She thinks that is the right way and she follows it.

9. She will never let you down

She is honest to the bone, so if she doesn’t like something about you, she will be open about that. She doesn’t like hiding her emotions just to try something one more time.

If you hurt her she will talk openly about that and give you a chance to fix things. She is not the type of girl who will let you down when you need her the most. Instead, she will be your rock and your safe harbor.

10. She will always be there for you

No matter if you cry or you are happy, she will be there to support you. She knows that her support and affection is something that you need, so she will do her best for you to feel special.

Bear in mind that her love is strong, so you don’t need to hesitate to open up to her. Trust me you have found the right person for that.

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