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10 Sides You Experience When You Are Head Over Heels With Him

10 Sides You Experience When You Are Head Over Heels With Him

There is one person out there who has the ability to make you feel some emotions you have never experienced before with anyone else. You all know that love cannot be just a perfect road without any flaws—but the day you cross the path of this specific man, you feel like it is a no-brainer. You feel this way because of the effect he has on you.

1. Good vibes

He makes you feel a bunch of pleasant feelings. You don’t have to worry about anything with him, and it feels good.

You are just peaceful and comfortable when he stands next to you; he makes you laugh, and somehow makes you feel blessed.

Blessed because you know deep, deep down, you are the lucky one who gets the chance to create a unique relationship, a unique bond with him, simply because he agreed to letting you into his world.

2. Safety

He is neither Captain America nor Professor X—and he’s perfectly aware of that—but you cannot help feeling safe with him and within your relationship.

You try your best to make sure both of you feel that way, feel at ease and happy even if you know you are two independent individuals in the first place. There is no better feeling than being in love but being free.

3. Open-minded

You think of him as being special because not only does he make you feel like you are amazing, but in reality, he is also exceptional.

You genuinely appreciate him for who he is. He has flaws, of course, like anybody else. But your thoughts about that statement is nothing other than: “And so what? Nobody’s perfect.”

4. Positiveness

When it comes time to thinking of him, your brain doesn’t function the same way. Your mind experiments with an unlimited number of ideas and dreams; your words are meaningful; your feelings are intense; your adoration has no limits; your sweetness is pure; your honesty is genuine.

You do feel confident about being yourself with him. You are not scared of thinking about the future and including him in it. You don’t wonder if he will still be close to you in several months and/or years because you peacefully feel like you don’t need to wonder—he will.

5. Attention

You observe him. You may stop doing whatever you are doing at a specific moment just to look at him, and you don’t get tired of doing it.

You simply adore that human being you are looking at. You just don’t do it in a creepy way. He might ask you sometimes why you are doing that… just listen to your heart; it gives you the answer.

6. Anger management

You don’t have time to be angry toward him. You are mad sometimes, of course—you are human after all—but it does not last more than a few minutes – or a few hours if you are really, really, mad. If this is the case; calm down, think clearly, and open up the topic. Your anger will vanish.

7. Deep adoration

You love, you genuinely love, and you never stop. You are here and there for others, but most importantly, you are here and there for him.

You care for any relationship you have with anyone close to you, but the one you share with him is one of your favorite ones. That man doesn’t need to try being a light in your life to feel that way. That is just who he is—your light.

8. Honesty

You don’t need to play any mind games, to lie about your feelings, to try any kind of manipulation, and to have any kind of freaking control.

Everything sounds all-natural. You trust him. You may not be able to give a reason for that, so, how come? Simply because your gut tells you so, and it is never wrong.

9. Fearless

“What if” doesn’t exist – or at the very least, it doesn’t last because you fight for what you sincerely wish, and you dare to live new adventures with him. You are aware that life is short, and you know you don’t want to waste your relationship.

On the other hand, you don’t rush anything because you know good things take time to come, always.

10. Realistic

In the end—yes, you love him to the point that you always try to think before saying anything hurtful, painful or regretful. Is it being stupid?

It is actually the behavior of someone who never takes anything for granted, and especially not that particular person.

By Mathilde Clemence Personne