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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous And Dangerously Possessive

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous And Dangerously Possessive

At the beginning of the relationship, jealousy and possessiveness can come across as cute and flattering because your partner is making you experience undeniable love and loyalty.

Is he jealous? it means he really likes you – at least that’s a general idea.

But, if he doesn’t lay off after some time, he will turn to a clingy person who is suffocating you—and that can be very dangerous.

In order to avoid this from happening to you, look closely at all the signs of a jealous and possessive partner to be able to get out of that relationship in time.

There is a fine line between a protective and a possessive partner, but still, a lot of people don’t know the real difference.

What’s the difference between harmless possessiveness (the one that shows itself at the beginning of the relationship along with insecurity) and aggressive possessiveness? At what point do we have to say: “It’s enough?”

Although you may all hesitate to admit you have a possessive partner, you have to stay true to yourself and see your relationship for what it truly is.

You need to recognize the next 10 signs which will reveal if your partner is ‘red zone’ jealous and possessive.

He expects you to grant all of his wishes

If you’re not humoring your partner’s wishes, you are disobedient or you’re not listening to what your partner needs from you.

Because of this, he will nag and protest and still demand certain things from you.

He will even emotionally blackmail you if necessary, only to get what he wants.

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He controls your every move

Every time you go out with your friends or to meet your family, or even go shopping, your partner insists on being present.

Don’t be surprised if he manipulates you into staying at home instead of going out.

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He doesn’t need anybody else but you

And not in a cute way—in a creepy way. He has the need to remind you daily that you are the center of his universe and that he doesn’t need anybody else but you—nor friends nor family.

As I have said earlier, this doesn’t have to be a sign of possessiveness but if your partner is acting aggressively toward your friends and family, then it is.

He’s trying to sabotage your friendships

You can be sure that your partner is jealous and dangerously possessive if he’s trying to talk you out of meeting your friends and family. He will probably criticize and analyze them.

He will also remind you of all the problems you might have had with them in the past or he may even come up with all kinds of lies about people who want to spend time with you. He will do anything to turn you against the ones you love.

He has no respect for boundaries

In a possessive relationship, you don’t have any personal space.

If your partner is possessive, he will take your own personal space and make it his own. That will leave you feeling restless.

He’s telling you what to wear

He will always control what you’re wearing before you go out. You will have to have his permission before you go out.

He needs to be sure that you are dressed in an ‘appropriate’ way and according to his standards.

He’s texting you while you’re out

For some reason, your partner is always checking up on you when you’re out.

He’s texting and calling you more than usual. He doesn’t trust you.

He wants to be a part of all your decisions

It is good for your partner to be a part of your life in this way, but you need to draw the line somewhere.

Every decision that you make—your partner has the need to be a part of.

You will feel the pressure to do what he wants you to do, even if the decision has nothing to do with him.

He’s emotionally manipulating you

Possessive partners want the person who they are with to have low self-esteem and no self-respect.

They like to emotionally manipulate their partners and by their side so you are unable to know what the best is for you.

He says: “I do it because I love you”

He justifies his jealousy, paranoia, toxic behavior, and need to control everything with the words “he does it only because he loves you”. Don’t buy this crap!

He is saying this only to avoid responsibility and guilt. Maybe you bought this apology in order to justify his destructive behavior only because you were subconsciously too scared to face your reality.

Don’t be scared—just leave.