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5 Things Your Ex Does To Get Over You

5 Things Your Ex Does To Get Over You

Breakups suck.

Both men and women go through a hard time in their life when a breakup occurs. It is the time for them to mourn the loss of their significant one.

However, women and men deal with breakups differently.

Women are usually more sensitive than men, so breakups can be devastating for them.

Women will cry a lot. They will search for their friends to talk to.

Sometimes they will spend days in their room without going out. All the memories will just make them even sadder.

It is just very difficult for women to move on after a breakup.

When a woman decides to move on, she dedicates herself to her career. She works hard to keep her mind busy all the time.

And it takes months, sometimes even years for her to get over a breakup.

It is a common belief that men get over breakups faster than women.

Men also have their emotional side, but they handle breakups in a slightly different way.

Or do they?

Men don’t express their grief, and they don’t know how to process it. Instead, they keep on repressing it. They act like nothing really happened.

This does not mean that they are not sad about the breakup. It’s just that they want to fake it until they make it.

If a man truly loved the woman he broke up with, his pain will be huge. Given that men do not express their emotions, he will hide his pain.

And hidden pain is very heartbreaking.

The reality is that men perceive a breakup as a failure.

Instead of being depressed all the time, they get angry and tend to have destructive behaviors like excessive drinking, careless driving, etc.

Have you ever asked yourself how your ex got over you? Well, here are some things men may do:

1.   He will drink excessively!

All men believe that if they drank a lot, they would forget their exes very quickly. They start going to parties and clubs.

They enjoy loud music, alcohol, and the company of unknown women.

Alcohol actually makes them feel even worse because they get more depressed, and they have a terrible hangover the next morning.

2.   He will jump into a new relationship too quickly!

If a man wants to forget his ex, he thinks the most efficient way to do it is to find a new girlfriend.

Little does he know that doing that can make him feel even worse.

Not only will he hurt the feelings of the new girl, but he will also hurt himself by forcing his breakup emotions to disappear overnight.

His inability to dedicate all of himself to the new girl will cause lots of problems in the new relationship.

That’s why jumping into a new relationship right after the breakup is not good. We all need time to heal, and healing cannot happen overnight.

3.   He will listen to sad, heartbreaking songs!

Believe it or not, a man will also listen to sad, heartbreaking songs when he breaks up with his significant one.

He will usually do it when he is all alone in his room.

He will relate to each song, and it will be his way of processing grief.

4.   He will get incredibly jealous!

Even after the breakup, a man will consider you his property. He will get jealous if he sees you with another man.

It might seem like a very unusual way of getting over the ex, but it is very efficient for the man.

Seeing you with another guy will kind of convince him that you’ve stopped loving him and that you don’t care about him anymore.

He will think to himself that if you have moved on with your life, he also has to move on with his.

5.   He will cry!

Yes, men do cry. They are human beings for God’s sake! If his love for you was very deep, then his pain after losing you will be even deeper.

Men are proud, and they do not want anyone to see how much they are actually hurting.

He will cry alone in his room, and he will probably look at the photos of you two wishing you were there with him.

He will take some of the presents he once received from you and break into tears because he will remember all those moments you spent together.

5 Things Your Ex Does To Get Over You