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10 Signs He Has A God Complex

10 Signs He Has A God Complex

Have you ever met or dated somebody who made you feel like they were above you?

Somebody who considered themselves perfect and flawless? Somebody in need of your and everyone else’s admiration?

If the answer is yes, you may have dealt with somebody who was suffering from a personality flaw that is known as a God complex.

A God complex is a delusional self-image based on uncontrolled narcissism, overblown arrogance and a need to have control, humiliate and at times mock other people in a way that makes them feel inferior or unworthy.

Despite all the similarities to a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, this complex is a personality flaw and it’s not classified as a disorder.

In any case, there’s a thin line between the two and there is no saying which of the two is worse.

People who have the misfortune to come across someone who is either narcissistic or who has a God complex will have their life marked by the dreadful encounter.

If you recognize these signs in your significant other, he surely has a God complex:

1. He has a habit of interrupting you while you speak

man talking to bored woman at cafe
No matter whether something you are telling him is of great importance or it’s some random, insignificant stuff, he will not even blink before he interrupts you.

He will shift the whole conversation back onto himself. And in that way, he will send a clear message that he cares only about himself and has no interest for your life or thoughts.

2. His level of arrogance is sky-high

portrait of man in front of building

He is the epitome of perfection, if you were to ask him, so he treats everybody else as inferior. He acts like his importance is greater than that of other people.

They know everything about anything. They act like they are all-knowing and they will defy your logic.

3. It’s all about how it makes him look

couple leaning on wall and talking

He does it all to maintain a perfect image of himself. When you first met him, you probably thought he was too good to be true. He was well-spoken, ambitious and at your service.

He might wow you at first, he might send cute paragraphs, keep in touch regularly, make plans for you to go out, basically love bomb you and get into the character of a perfect boyfriend.

But as time goes by, you will see he is nothing like that. He wants to be someone everybody admires but in reality, he is far from someone who should be.

A person with a God complex might be great for society in general but extremely bad in love or in any other close personal relationship.

4. He convinces you that he is irreplaceable

shallow focus photo of man and woman talking in cafe

He does that so skilfully because he really believes he is. He will do his best to make you believe that there is no one like him in this world.

He will convince you that he is the best you will ever have and that your life will lose meaning if he is not in it.

That’s obviously not true but he knows that someone who feels strongly for him will be easily manipulated into thinking just that.

5. He is too dominant

man protects hid girlfriend and hugs

If he has a God complex, he will want to have his say in almost everything you do.

He will even go to the lengths of making decisions in your place.

He doesn’t really care how it will make you feel, he is only concerned with his benefit in all of it.

He will resort to mind games and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants from you.

6. He will tell you that you don’t appreciate him

couple serious talking while sitting on sofa

A man who has a God complex will really believe that you should be lucky he is in your life.

He will tell you that he gives too much and that you are ungrateful and unworthy of him.

Don’t believe everything that comes out of his mouth. Just because he believes that, it doesn’t make it true.

His agenda is to lower your self-esteem, make you feel less so he could influence you with more ease.

7. He thinks he is entitled

Sad couple not talking to each other after the argument.

He thinks that everyone including you should be at his service. No matter how hard you try or what you do for him, he will take everything for granted.

He doesn’t know how to value somebody because he thinks that people are there to please him and make him happy.

And no, he doesn’t care if you are happy or if your needs are met when it comes to his behavior and investment toward you.

8. He can’t stand criticism

mad man pointing finger at woman

If you ask him, he is incapable of making any mistake, so why would he apologize for it.

He can’t admit to himself or to anybody else that he did something wrong.

That’s why he has become an expert at placing all the blame on you (or anybody else for that matter) in playing his role as a victim.

9. He is a relentless judge

man trying talk to upset woman

You feel like he looks upon your every move with disapproval. If you have done something well, he would do it better.

If you did something you shouldn’t have, he will keep rubbing your nose in it until you go crazy.

He has no mercy or consideration when it comes to you or anybody else other than him and he won’t hesitate to judge other people, no matter what it’s about.

10. He is addicted to power

Man in black zipper jacket with sunglasses

By now you have figured out that he likes to have power over someone he is romantically involved with.

But his appetite is much bigger. He wants to have power over everything he does in life.

That’s why he is someone who is extremely ambitious or successful or strives to be just that.

He is not confident though, he just acts that way. His behavior is a substitute for his low self-esteem.

Now that you know the signs of a man who has a God complex, it will be easier to spot them and to stay as far away as you can from them.

Keep in mind that a man with a God complex can be charming and so giving at first, until you are lured into his web of manipulations and domination.

A God complex, in its essence, is uncontrollable narcissism and you should be careful when dealing with someone who fits that role.

That’s why you should find out just how to shut down a narcissist because someone with a God complex is someone you should run even faster from.

10 Signs He Has A God Complex