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10 Signs He Is Actually Ready To Settle Down

10 Signs He Is Actually Ready To Settle Down

You’re in a stable relationship but it seems to you like he’ll never settle down because he’s never mentioned anything about it.

I know that waiting is hard, but don’t make some wrong decisions because you think that your man will never be ready for the next step.

He will – you just have to be patient because settling down isn’t easy for men.

They know that their life will change once they do. It scares them because it brings so many responsibilities.

When it comes to settling down, women are always more mature and direct about it.

Men prefer to go slowly (to be honest, their biological clock isn’t ticking as fast as ours).

Your man will never be direct when it comes to settling down.

Instead, he’ll start to show some signs that he is ready to spend his life with you.

Watch out for these signs and if your man shows any of them, he’ll most likely want to settle down with you sooner than you think.

1. You’ve become his priority

Most guys like to have their male pals and to go out with them whenever they can.

Even though they are in a relationship, hanging out with their buddies is still the number one priority for them.

But when a man decides that it’s time to settle down with his girlfriend, this changes.

She becomes his priority and hanging out with her is all he wants to do.

He’ll never ditch you because of his friends – just the opposite – he’ll ditch them because he prefers hanging out with you.

You are in all of his plans – for holidays, for summer vacations…

He’ll even invite you on his business trips or to some important social events. He puts your needs first.

Meeting your needs becomes the most important thing for him because he’s finally realized that you are the most important person in his life.

2. He opens up to you

Men don’t like to show their vulnerable side, which is why opening up is so difficult for them.

They aren’t used to talking about things that bother them with their friends like we are.

If he decides to open up to you, it means that he trusts you and that he knows his secrets are secure with you.

He knows that you will never betray him the way most people in his life would.

This means you’ve gained his trust and that is the most important part of a healthy relationship.

You are probably the only person in his life to whom he can tell all of his deepest thoughts and darkest secrets.

3. He shows how much he cares

He understands that words aren’t enough and that he must show you how much he loves you through the little things in life.

For example: You might be surprised with a delivery of flowers in the middle of the day at work.

When you check the date, you realize it’s not your birthday or your anniversary…

Just as you start thinking that it must be some kind of mistake, you find a love note in the bouquet saying that he just wanted to surprise you and remind you how much he loves you.

4. He has introduced you to his family

This is one of the most important steps to take when a relationship gets more serious.  Family is the most important part of his life.

This is how he shows that he wants a serious relationship with you because he doesn’t bring every girlfriend home to meet his parents.

And he won’t introduce you to his family until he is sure that you are the one.

His family are the people he loves and trusts the most. That’s why it’s important to him that you meet them.

And it’s important for you to leave a good impression and get them to like you.

5. He tries to get closer to your family

Just as his family is important for him, he knows that yours is important to you.

He knows that you are daddy’s little girl and that’s why he’ll do everything to get your dad’s approval.

He also wants to show your family that his intentions with you are honest.

He’ll talk more about his career and his plans for the future with them than with you because he wants to show them that you are in good hands.

6. He is cool with you leaving your things at his place

The first few times you spent the night at his place, he wrote you a text to let you know that you had forgotten some of your things at his place.

Maybe he even brought those things to you next time you went out or he came to you.

Now, however, he encourages you to leave some things at his place because he wants you in his life forever.

He wants to see how it looks to have a woman around the house. The same thing is true with leaving his stuff at your place.

He’s started to leave some of his stuff at your place because he wants to see if you are okay with it.

If this is the case, you should start packing your things. It’s only a matter of time before he asks you to move into his place.

7. He doesn’t run from problems

His love is unconditional and that means he loves you no matter what. He’ll love you the same even during the bad times.

He’ll be there for you at every moment of your life because he’s committed to you.

He can’t imagine his life without you and that’s why he’ll fight for you no matter what.

You’ll have many fights and deal with many troubles in your relationship, like every couple, but he won’t leave. Nothing could make him leave.

If anything, it’ll seem like after every fight he loves you more. Before it was so difficult for him to say that he was sorry, but now he won’t be too proud to apologize if he did something wrong.

8. He talks about the future

At the beginning of your relationship, he would run from talks about the future.

He always had an excuse not to talk about it. Now, he is the one who initiates those talks.

He doesn’t want to be without you. Not now, not ever. That’s made him think about the future he wants to have with you.

He wants to find out what your plans for the future are. Also, he wants to see if he is a part of your plans.

He wants to know if your thoughts about the future match with his. He likes it when you talk about the things you want to do together.

He’ll tell you what kind of house he wants to buy, how many kids he wants to have, and you’ll see how his eyes light up when he talks about all of these things.  That’s because he is looking forward to sharing his life with you.

9. The ‘money talk’

After you’ve had the talk about the future comes the inevitable talk about finances.

One thing is sure, a man will never talk about money if he isn’t sure that your relationship is serious.

He won’t ask you how much money you make or how much money you have in your savings account.

He thinks those things are too personal and he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about them.

But after you’ve discussed the future, he’ll tell you himself how much he makes for a living.

10. He talks about kids

This is something you must take seriously. Guys never joke about having kids and that’s a fact!

Every man knows it’s a big, serious commitment and they will never even talk about it if they don’t feel ready.

If he ever compares you with his mother or tells you that you’ll be a great mother one day, that’s it, he thinks that you are “the one”.

He will try to spend more time with your younger siblings because that’s how he wants to find out if you’re ready for kids – and he wants to show you that he is good with kids.

To wrap up

If you have noticed any of the above, it is a great sign because it means that your significant other might want to settle down in the near future.

But, if you are not sure that your boyfriend has shown any of these signs, don’t panic. Give him more time.

Unfortunately, some guys are much more laid back when it comes to settling down and if you love them, you have to be patient and wait.