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Always Choose Losing A Man Over Losing Your Mind

Always Choose Losing A Man Over Losing Your Mind

I’ll be honest with you here: Love is important. Whether someone likes to admit this or not, it’s nice having a man whom you care for and who cares for you back.

It won’t magically put your life in perfect order, but a healthy romantic relationship will make you happier – there is no doubt about that.

However, you know what is even more important? The relationship you have with yourself.

That is the relationship that simply must be healthy, successful, and fulfilling if you want to even think about romance.

So, why exactly do you keep on putting your man in front of yourself and how long do you plan on continuing to do so?

I know you think of yourself as tough. You’re strong and, at first glance, it appears that you’re handling this awful situation you got yourself dragged into surprisingly well.

Somehow you manage to deal with all the breakups and makeups.

You keep your head above the surface despite all the insults, arguments, and toxicity. But let’s be real.

You can’t go on like this forever. Sooner or later, you’ll see the damage all of this is leaving on you and you’ll start feeling the consequences of this hell you’re going through.

So, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Is keeping a guy worth losing your mind?

You see, there will be plenty of men in your life, even though you probably don’t think that way now.

Sooner or later, you will forget about this man and start loving someone new with the same intensity you loved him.

However, you can never replace yourself. Time will do its trick and heal your broken heart. Sooner or later, you’ll stop missing this guy.

But you can’t find a new woman to live your life, once you lose yourself.

I promise you one thing: You can make it without anyone, including this guy. But you can’t make it without yourself.

Remember that you don’t need him – you chose to give him a place in your heart – but you do need yourself.

You will survive even if you let him go, even though things might not appear that way at this moment.

I know that right now you want to keep this man by your side.

You’re ready to do whatever it takes just for him to remain in your life.

However, instead of doing that, for a change, focus on keeping yourself sane. Focus on preserving your mental and emotional health.

Focus on making yourself happy and see your inner peace as the number one priority.

Please, be smart enough to choose losing a man over losing your mind.

Trust me, nobody – and especially not someone who doesn’t appreciate you – is worth you going crazy over him.

That is exactly how things will go on if you stay trapped in this never-ending circle.

That’s what will happen if you stay in this toxic relationship, full of emotional abuse, gaslighting, and constant fights.

You know, if it happens, he won’t stick around to help you.

He won’t be there to give you a hand or pull you out of your darkness.

He won’t put an effort into fixing your heart, even though he’s the one who broke it.

He won’t be there to glue you back together, even though he’s the one who crushed you.

He won’t have your back to catch you when you start falling.

He won’t stand by your side to help you heal, even though he is the one who destroyed you.

He won’t be there to bring you back to life, even though he’s the one who spiritually killed you.

Before you know it, this man will be gone and you’ll be left all alone to fight with your demons and traumas.

You won’t just lose precious years of your life, you’ll also have to deal with depression, insecurities, and anxiety, which is much worse.

Sooner than you might think, you’ll look around and see that the girl you used to be is nowhere to be found.

She’ll be replaced by a negative and bitter woman who’ll need ages to fully recover from everything she’s been through.

So please, save yourself on time. Ditch his sorry ass and pull yourself out of this misery before it’s too late to be sorry.