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10 Signs He’s Just Another Selfish Asshole

10 Signs He’s Just Another Selfish Asshole

When we’re in love we tend to overlook the flaws of our significant other, because we’re so madly in love that we think of them as perfect.

But it’s one thing to ignore it if he never puts clothes in the washing machine or forgets to do the dishes, but it’s a completely different thing to ignore that his selfish ass is not capable of loving anyone but himself.

If you feel like you’re the giver in the relationship and like you’re screaming at a brick wall but nothing is happening, you could be stuck in a relationship with a selfish man.

Check for other signs that he’s just another selfish asshole you should kick out of your life!

1. He only talks about himself

man wearing white shirt talking to woman

He’s so involved with himself that there’s hardly any time left for you to talk about yourself.

And there is always some kind of drama going on in his life or some praise for him to sing to himself.

When you try to talk about yourself, he interrupts you with the same thing that happened to him just the other day.

There’s no way in hell you can feel special, because that man is one hell of a one-upper and a show thief.

2. He never shows interest in how you’re doing

couple at cafe outside

In healthy relationships, it’s normal to check up on your partner regularly and make sure that they’re doing okay.

Your partner is not there for you to vent to him and just go on with your life, while they’re the one taking the weight.

And if you feel like he’s constantly doing this to you, using you as a trash bin for his drama, but he never seems to be interested in how you’re doing, let him go.

A man who is incapable of asking about your day is incapable of loving you the way you deserve to be loved.

3. He’s selfish in the bedroom

man and woman naked legs

He doesn’t really care if you finish or not, as long as he finishes. He’s extremely selfish when it comes to providing you with pleasure in the bedroom and the only time you’re actually getting it on is when he’s interested.

That behavior will soon transfer to other parts of your life, not just the bedroom—are you sure he’s worth it?

4. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word compromise

couple having serious conversation at home

When we are in a relationship, we are combining two worlds, two lives, into one. Compromise is truly necessary for things to work out.

If he’s not interested in compromising and his way is the only way, it means that he is too selfish to give up on his life and the things he loves for you but he expects you to do it for him.

A man who doesn’t care about your happiness doesn’t care about you. The only person he cares about is himself.

5. He’s highly concerned about your looks

man whispering to his beautiful woman

Another sign of him being selfish is that he’s highly concerned about the way you look and the clothes you wear.

If he’s going to be seen with you, he wants you to look your best. He has a reputation to keep, you know? It doesn’t matter if he hurts your feelings in the process.

6. You’re only doing things that are of interest to him

side view of unhappy couple in a balcony

The thing with selfish men is that they’re interested only in the things they can benefit from.

Whether it’s being nice to you, so he can get something from you or taking you to a certain show where his boss will be, there is always a reason for him to do things.

And even if you don’t see it at first, trust me, it’s there. Just try to think of how many times he’s done something just because you felt like it.

7. He interrupts you—all the time

shallow focus photo of man and woman talking in cafe

Especially in public. He needs to show that he is the man, he’s the one in charge and his opinion is the best one.

He is the smartest, the best and the most skillful man you could meet and you’re just his silly girlfriend.

A man who has no interest in letting his woman show off her experience and knowledge is a man with self-esteem issues who needs to belittle everyone to feel better about himself.

And that’s a man who will try to hold you back from the future you deserve, just because he needs to be more successful than you are.

8. You’re always the one to apologize

mad man pointing finger at woman

He can never take the blame, simply because he’s the perfect one. How could he do something wrong? He did that only because he knows what’s best for you.

That’s a man who is so good at guilt-tripping that you actually end up feeling guilty for being the one who is hurt, so you apologize to him.

If you notice a pattern that you’re always the one apologizing, while he’s the perfect one, think about your relationship. You can’t always be the one to blame.

9. He always reminds you about how much he’s doing for you

Unhappy couple arguing on the couch at home in the living room

While he’s incapable of apologizing and looking after your feelings, he’s perfectly capable of reminding you of the things he does for you.

He took your clothes to the dry cleaners once and he talks about it for the next month.

Whenever you ask him to help you with something, he rubs it in your face after.

Are you really ready to listen to that for the rest of your life? Or even the rest of the week?

10. He makes you wait

thoughtful woman lying on bed and typing on her phone

You’re having dates when it’s convenient for him and going out only when he feels like it.

You’re texting only when he’s interested in doing so and that’s so rare you often think that the guy died. If he doesn’t make time for you, stop waiting for him.

You deserve more than a man who makes you stare at an empty screen and who keeps you waiting just because he knows you will wait.

You know that you deserve so much more than that, so why are you settling for his selfish ass?

10 Signs He's Just Another Selfish Asshole