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7 Tips To Stand Out From Other Women And Make Him Fall For You

7 Tips To Stand Out From Other Women And Make Him Fall For You

”I’m not like other women” doesn’t sound appealing anymore.

It’s a phrase that every man hears a couple of times a day and they really do get bored of it. So, how do you show him that you’re different?

How can you make him see that you are a special human creature that will know how to cherish and love him?

1. Smile, a lot

Why is a smile so special when everyone can do it? Well, your smile isn’t like any other.

We live in a world that makes laughing and smiling seem like a crime because we are constantly surrounded by negativity.

That way when you smile, he will notice. Smiling sends a signal that you are a positive woman who always has something to be happy about.

2. Listen to him

When you meet a guy for the first time, you have a lot to talk about, right?

You want him to know all those things you did in your past and how many books you’ve read.

That’s a warning sign that you are just like everyone else because you love to talk about yourself.

What makes you different from the crowd is actively listening. Men aren’t actually used to it, you know?

Women are so consumed with themselves (I know, because I’m a woman) that we forget about the wonderful man sitting right in front of us.

3. Dress to compliment your body

Men are visual creatures, so if you have a nice body to show (and you do), show it!

I don’t mean to show off your body because every woman can do that. But rather dress a bit differently but still to compliment your body.

Let him know that you love your femininity and that you’re not afraid to show it.

Quick reminder: don’t overdo it. If you start showing off your body too much, you will stand out but not in the right way.

4. Have a life

Sorry to sound so rude, but so many women today revolve their lives around their partner or crush. Don’t do that.

If you have a life despite him, you will be much happier in your relationship.

Have hobbies and show that you’re interesting because of how much experience you have.

Women who love their lives and do a lot of different things really do stand out from anyone else.

5. Don’t put up with stupid comments

Let’s be honest, men are jerks. They give themselves too much freedom when it comes to women and they think they own us. Because of this, their mouths can say some pretty stupid things.

Don’t put up with it thinking that you can change him through time. You deserve the world and don’t settle for something less than that.

6. Cook

The way to a man’s heart really does go through his stomach.

You’d be surprised how many women these days don’t know how to cook, so master this skill and you’re good to go. You will stand out from the crowd in no time.

7. Don’t bother with what anyone else thinks of you

Instagram, Facebook – They have a certain way they want a woman to be and look like.

For what reason? For likes. If you’re hot and liked on social media, then you automatically stand out from the crowd? No. It’s not that easy.

On social media, everyone looks the same and acts the same to impress others.

You don’t need that. You don’t need to care what anyone thinks of you and you don’t need to do things that please others.

Just be yourself. That’s more than enough because not everyone has the courage to do so.