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10 Signs He’s Using You As An Ego Boost

10 Signs He’s Using You As An Ego Boost

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of an ego boost, but unlike women who go shopping or dancing, men tend to get themselves a trophy girlfriend.

If you want to know if your man uses you just for an ego boost or if he truly cares for you, watch out for these warning signs.

He only compliments your appearance

It’s nice to be complimented, as we all need to feel beautiful and for someone to tell us that, but if looks are all he ever compliments you on, maybe that’s the only reason he’s keeping you around.

If he cares more about your appearance than your qualities or your mind, he could be using you as an ego boost.

He doesn’t care much about your life

All you two ever talk about is him, his troubles, his accomplishments, his failures, etc.

He only sees you as an addition to him, his arm candy. He doesn’t care about your past, about your life or who you truly are. He only cares about how you look.

He takes you to the most random events

He takes you to the most random events where his friends or co-workers are and he’s usually the only one talking.

He carries you around like a trophy and proudly presents you to everyone, not for your great work, but for your great looks.

He introduces you to his friends – but you feel like a bystander

He wants everyone to know that he is a badass who can get any hot girl to like him, so he introduces you in the early stages of the relationship.

But, there’s a catch. Since he doesn’t care about your interests, he never really introduces you to any inside jokes or communication.

He only wants you to sit there, smile and look pretty. The moment you catch yourself in a situation like this, get up and leave.

He fell in love with you – instantly


The moment he met you, he knew you were the one he wanted to date.

He fell in love with those eyes of yours, your beauty, but that’s all he really cares about.

If he doesn’t care to get to know you, if he doesn’t care what you dream about, what you fear or how you feel, then the only thing he truly cares about is how you can help him to feel better about himself.

He never really talks about the future

If he even decides to talk about the future, it’s full of ‘ifs’ and not ‘whens’.

He doesn’t bring up any future plans, because he doesn’t plan on having them with you.

He comments on your clothing choices

He wants to make sure you look your best when you’re out with him, so he will often make comments about your choice of clothes.

It’s not because he’s into fashion, it’s because he’s using you to improve his image.

He flirts with other women – a lot

You gave him the confidence he needed to flirt with any woman out there and he’s using it a lot.

He doesn’t care if you’re there to see it, he is just so desperately in need of that ego boost that he’ll look for it everywhere.

He constantly tries to dominate

You get controlling vibes from him every once in a while. Smile like this, wear your hair like that, wear this dress, wear that dress.

It feels like you’re sucked up in his world and you never got to create a world just for you two. Not that he ever cared about yours, it’s all about him.

He avoids meeting your friends and family

To him, this isn’t ‘that kind of a relationship’. All he cares about is that his family and friends got to see you, but when it comes to him meeting your family, he backs away and finds excuses.

If he truly cared about you, he would care about your family and friends as well.