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I Know That You Miss Me And I Don’t Give A F**k

I Know That You Miss Me And I Don’t Give A F**k

It’s not my fault that you are an idiot who left me. It’s not my fault that you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life and you’ve realized it too late. That’s why, my darling, I don’t give a fuck that you miss me.

You thought that life would be better without me, you thought that you could do better. Boy, did you fuck up!

I didn’t say anything the day you decided to leave me. I didn’t beg for you to stay, I didn’t try to stop you and I didn’t ask you why.

Even though I loved you, I let you go. But you know what? I’m glad you walked away because your half-assed love is not what I deserve.

I slammed the door in your face without shedding one tear, even though I was crying a river inside that I never wanted you to see. I wouldn’t let you see my pain. That was something that was beneath me.

Getting over you was the fight I was about to take. It was my fight alone.

I really hope that you are happy for leaving me because if you’re not, then all of this would have been in vain. You would have broken my heart in vain and you would have lost me in vain.

I know that you miss me and frankly, I don’t give a fuck. I know that you know that you made the biggest mistake of your life because you’re never going to find anyone who will treat you like I did and you are aware of that.

That’s why you miss me.

But I don’t miss you. I only miss the person I was before I met you.

Our relationship changed me. I tried so hard to make us work. I tried so hard to please you and I expected to get something in return but I never did.

All I got was pain and torture and it changed me. I was no longer the same person as before. I miss my old self.

That’s why I don’t give a fuck that you miss me but guess what? You’re never going to get me back. You’re history.

You miss me because I was always there for you.

Whenever you needed me, I was there for you.

When you had a bad day and came home all fucked up, I offered you a shoulder to cry on, despite the fact that I had my own problems which you regularly ignored because they weren’t important to you. I wasn’t important to you.

You miss me because I was your punching bag to take it all out on.

I was there whenever you needed to blow off some steam. When you were annoyed or angry, you took it all out on me. You didn’t care, not one bit, that you fed me with negative energy almost every day.

You couldn’t care less that you destroyed me bit by bit with your poisonous words. You were that selfish, so I really don’t give a fuck that you miss me.

You miss me because you’ve realized how lucky you were to have me.

Now that you’re waking up in the morning all alone. There is no one there to hug and kiss you good morning. There is no one there to text you how much she loves you.

There is no one there to call you just to say she misses you. You miss that, I get it, but really darling, I don’t give a fuck. You had your chance and you decided you could do better. Okay, now’s your chance. Good luck!

You miss me because you used me to boost your ego.

You used to criticize me all the time. Whatever I did was never good enough for you. You could always do better than me, yet you never tried.

I know why you never tried; it was because you were incapable. You hid your incompetence by judging me and making me feel like crap, like I was completely incapable. That’s what made you feel better than me.

I don’t give a fuck that you miss me and I don’t want you back, only because you would feel more important by putting me down.

You miss me because no one wants to put up with your shit anymore.

I put up with far more than I should have. It was never your fault. Whatever shit happened, you knew exactly how to defend yourself, by playing the victim.

Somehow you knew how to make me forget what I was even saying to you. You knew to change the subject and blame me for something I did 3 months ago.

And that’s how all the attention would move from you to me and poor you, no one understood how you were feeling and how hurt you were. See, I don’t miss that!

You miss me because you’re no one’s priority now that I’m gone.

I knew that no one else would put up with you. Maybe you even had a backup plan when you left me but where is she now? I know—she left your sorry ass when you tried to control her like you did me.

It blew up in your face and she told you she never wanted to see you again. That’s why you miss me.

I put up with everything you did to me because I loved you. But now that you have left me, I feel like a huge burden has fallen from my chest and I really don’t give a fuck that you miss me. I don’t miss you.

You miss me because I’ve realized I deserve better.

Wouldn’t you like to come back into my life now that you see how happy I am and how satisfied I am with myself? Well, you are responsible for that, so thank you so much.

Thank you for making me realize I was wasting time when I was by your side.

Thank you for preventing me from hating myself because that would have happened if I had stayed with you. I would no longer recognize myself and I would start hating you and then me.

You can’t come back to me, I won’t let you. You can miss me but I won’t miss you and frankly, I no longer give a fuck that you do.

I Know That You Miss Me And I Don’t Give A F**k