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10 Signs That Person You Are Dating Will Be Your ‘Forever and Always’

10 Signs That Person You Are Dating Will Be Your ‘Forever and Always’

Love is a brief moment for which you hold forever.” Unknown

There is no secret formula to calculate whether you are going to stay with somebody forever or not. But there are some things that define a good relationship and that indicate that you found your happily ever after.

You just have to pay better attention to the small but meaningful signs.

1. Solution finders.

It’s easy to be in a relationship when everything is great. But what about when things get tough? That’s where you see if your relationship is worth the stay. You have problems, you fight, but deep down you know that they are the small things that can be fixed.

2. You are more you when you are with him.

He gives you that comfortable feeling that encourages you to be more true to yourself. You are relaxed. You can say the first thing that pops into your mind as you know he gets it. You are not afraid to be weird together.

3. He feels like home.

That’s really rare. Wherever else you go, you never feel like when you are with him. When he hugs you, that feeling of love and safety cannot be replaced. Who would’ve known that a person could have that effect on you?

4. You make plans together.

You include one another in each other’s lives. You plan and create together. You still have things that are just your own but now you do more of the things that are interesting to both of you.

5. You have the same values.


When it comes to life, children, family, and religion, you seem to see eye to eye. Sharing the same values makes you even closer. Above all, you value trust and honesty and your relationship is based on those foundations.

6. You don’t care what other people think.

Whether you are one of those cheesy couples who put everything out in the open or you like to be more private, you don’t care what other people think of you- you do your own thing.

7. You know that the town, country or continent you live in is not that important.

You could live in a wood cabin in the middle of a forest as long as you were with him. It seems unrealistic but as long as you are together, everything else comes secondary.

8. Boring things are fun when you are together.

Car washing or grocery shopping with a little bit of fooling around with your significant other makes for a whole different experience.

9. You know each other’s flaws.

And you love each other regardless. Nobody’s perfect.

10. You are into each other – body, mind, and soul.

You know that physical connection you have with him is something that cannot be put into words. When lust is mixed with love and mutual understanding, there is nothing that can top that. You know that passion will last.

They say nothing lasts forever. We’ll have to prove them wrong.” Unknown