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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Highly Obsessed With Sex

These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Highly Obsessed With Sex


People born under this zodiac sign are obsessed with sex and they are not ashamed to show that. If you see an Aries in the club he will look at you with that provocative look, imagining that he is tearing your clothes off.

He will show you directly that he wants to have you there and then no matter if you already have a partner or not. They enjoy foreplay and in most cases that predicts what kind of sex they will have.

But whatever sex they do have, that experience is unforgettable. Just imagining an Aries playing the dominant one while you have to be the submissive one makes your heart beat faster, right?


This sign is not a lot different from the first one. They also have a freakishly high sex drive and they enjoy sex. They are very special because they want to have sex every day, multiple times a day.

That’s why it is very difficult for them to find a long-term partner. They see sexual things in everyday situations and they are constantly turned on. It is enough if a hot chick walks near them and BOOM, they are already wet.

They enjoy visualizing having sex with different partners but being touched on sensitive parts of their bodies is what makes them scream and beg for more!


When a Libran has sex it is always a long and unforgettable experience. They enjoy foreplay and in providing multiple orgasms to their partner.

They do all that to show off with their sexual abilities and to attract more women to their man caves. They see sex everywhere – in music, on films, even in food.

They just can’t shake that feeling of being turned on by anything that walks and they don’t mind feeling that way. What else can I say but bring it on!


This zodiac sign is extremely obsessed with sex but unlike the others they always have it regularly. They are highly sexually active people and they do it wherever they have an opportunity.

Next time you try to enter a plane’s toilet and you can’t, just remember that there is definitely some Taurus kicking ass in there. I must admit that they are not picky people but let them enjoy it while they can.


When you see those sexual moves that a Virgo knows you will be so amazed. They like sex but they also like hot partners. That is something that turns them on and pushes them to work on themself much more.

When they are surrounded by hot women they will think about sex nonstop. For some people it can be gross but that is the way they function but who can blame them when everything about sex is in their sign?

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    Undermethylated people often have this obsession. Other common problems and symptoms are high histamine, low pain threshold, low serotonin, antisocial personality disorder, OCD, anorexia, seasonal depression, inner tension, poor short time memory, etc.: