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10 Signs Your Soulmate Is Disguised As Your Best Friend

10 Signs Your Soulmate Is Disguised As Your Best Friend

The two of you have a connection that is different. Something you never felt with anyone else. Some strange invisible force that is drawing you to each other.

You know you can be relaxed around this person—you can be yourself—no disguises, no high protective walls around you.

From the moment you met, you had an instant click. Even then, you wanted to tell that person everything. Something told you it was fine.

Something told you her place is the safe place.

Your best friend is more than a friend. That person is someone you are forever connected to you—your person.

Although you already know your friend is your soulmate, here are some signs that will confirm what you’ve been doubting.

If you have such a person in your life, consider yourself pretty lucky, because soulmates have become so difficult to find.

Telepathic connection

You can easily communicate without even saying a word. Just one look in the eyes or one simple gesture is enough.

It’s freakish that you can understand each other perfectly without any verbal communication.


She will tell you what you need to hear. Even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, she will tell you anyway.

Soulmates are the other part of you, and it’s in their interest that you make the right choices, because together you form a whole.

She is not afraid to say ‘no’ to you. Your relationship is so honest that the other person is always allowed to put a stop to something she thinks is wrong—and all that for your sake.

Critical situations

Whatever happens to you, there is always that one person you’re going to call first—your best friend, your soulmate.

Every time something big happens, you know you have to share it with your other part. No matter if it’s good or bad, she has to find it out first.


There is no better partner than she is. You never compete when it comes to dating and men.

In fact, she’s the best wingwoman you can find. She will pass any opportunity to ‘score’ a guy if she sees you need her help. Talking about true love


She is never, ever going to judge you for your past mistakes. She will be honest with you, and she will tell you that you f**ked things up and that you must own up to it.

She will help you learn from your mistakes, so you don’t make them again. But she will never judge you because she understands.

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Adorably annoying

People start looking at the two of you like an old married couple. You really act like one.

You argue like one, you talk like one and you love each other like one.

The things you do are so similar and in sync that people get annoyed when the two of you are together. It’s more that they get jealous and express it through acting like this.

Don’t mind them; you’re perfect for each other—#haters gonna hate, hate, hate.

No awkward silence

OK, that never happened. You can sit next to each other for hours, doing nothing, and you will still have a good time.

Sometimes, the only thing you need from each other is your presence.

If you’re not up for talking and you are upset, your soulmate’s presence will calm you down and give you support and security.

You sympathize

When you are happy, she is happy. When you are hurting, she is hurting. Things that happen to you are might as well happening to her, too.

There is no feeling in the world you experienced and she didn’t. She cares for you so much that she shares your emotional state. And she always will.


She will pick you up when you’re down. She will give you a push when you need it. She is there for you in anything you do.

She will help you achieve your dreams, because they are her dreams, too.

Most importantly, she will help you to be the best version of yourself. It’s her influence that will make you a better person.


There is no distance long enough to break the two of you apart. You can go days or months without talking, and the moment you see each other, you will pick up where you’ve left off.

That is what is true friendship all about.

That is how having a soulmate looks like.

You are one lucky girl.

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