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11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need A Sarcastic Best Friend

11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need A Sarcastic Best Friend

1. They have a no-filter policy, and pretty much anything can be a joke

Even the most serious stuff has something funny hidden underneath. Sarcastic best friends find the fun and make fun of just about anything.

Dark humor is their trademark, but they don’t have to tell a joke to make you laugh.

They turn on real-life situations and therefore, brighten your day. You laugh until it hurts even though you know you probably shouldn’t.

2. They have their own way of expressing endearment  

You’ll probably never hear these best friends call you “honey”, ”dear”, “babe” or similar but they won’t hesitate to call you “stupid”, “weirdo”  or “bitch”.

They know you speak sarcasm fluently and that you will translate all of these into words of pure raw love (especially in happy birthday to my best friend letters).

3. They help you keep things real

Once you start freaking out, they will be the reality slap you need. They will tease you until you see that there is nothing there to overthink.

Sometimes a text doesn’t have anything written between the lines. It’s just a simple text.

Sometimes you don’t have to figure out everything at that moment because the world won’t end.

4. They never walk on eggshells

They speak their mind, not minding if they are going to offend you or anybody else. They avoid sugar coating things.

Also, they are not afraid to stir things up a bit and see how people react to their comments.

When you think about it, it’s good that they are that way. At least you know they’ll tell you the truth no matter how hurtful it might be.

5. None of you ever get offended

You shower each other with insults on a daily basis. You don’t hesitate to mock and tease one another for every little thing.

The important thing is that you know there are no ill intentions underneath any words spoken between you.

You are with a person who only has your best at heart. That’s why you hardly ever get into a fight.

6. They push you out of your comfort zone

You might not be as sarcastic as your friend, but you are getting there slowly.

You probably had no intention of becoming a sarcastic person, but it kind of happened.

You catch yourself making witty comebacks and making a room full of people laugh with your inappropriate remarks.

You are becoming bolder, and your self-esteem is growing by the minute because you are slowly starting to realize that you don’t really care what anybody else thinks of you.

7. They taught you that sarcasm is the best weapon against assholes

The thing with assholes is that they usually don’t even get sarcasm, so you can make fun of them right to their faces, and they won’t even understand—and even if they do you won’t really care.

Your skin is thicker now, and you know they have nothing on you. They will rot in their own toxicity anyway.

8. Your enemies are their enemies

Basically, you hate the same people and that’s making the bond between you even tighter.

You don’t even stop to think before mocking them shamelessly. Exaggerating everything is always a plus.

Your exes are usually the ripe material for mocking, so something in the lines of: “Look at him, were you drunk throughout the entire relationship?”, “ Don’t be a fool.

Of course, you won’t get back with him. That would be like taking a shower and putting your dirty underwear back on.”

9. They are the most loyal of friends

They never tell you how somebody said something mean about you because they cut them off before they have the chance to talk about you.

They are always there to defend you, and they have your back at all times. They will never betray you, that’s for sure.

10. They are able to turn off their sarcasm when you really need them

You can rely on them. Any hour of the night or day they will be there for you. They are not going to be there just through the fun times though.

They are going to be there for you when everything starts going south as well.

They are empathic even if they don’t always show it. They will listen to you without making any sarcastic remarks when the situations demand it.

11. Everybody needs a Chandler Bing in their life

You are lucky because while everybody wants a friend like Chandler Bing, you have a real life version of him in your life.