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10 Simple Signs You’re Finally Dating A Good Guy

10 Simple Signs You’re Finally Dating A Good Guy

You will probably all agree with me that finding a good guy can sometimes be a mission impossible.

They are pretty rare and if you finally spot the one who would suit you perfectly well, he is already taken.

There are girls who found their Prince Charming, but they are not aware of that fact.

So, for all of you out there who are not quite sure if your man is “The One” here are some simple signs that can put your mind to ease.

He loves you for who you are

Just like a comfortable pair of shoes or great sex, it is difficult to find a guy who will love you for who you actually are.

Man nowadays tend to change their ladies by molding them into people they would like to have close to themselves. I don’t even need to mention that this way is totally wrong.

A man should love a woman just the way she is because all her characteristics made him approach her in the first place. You should change only if you feel it is time to do that!

He never lets you go to bed angry

All couples will sometimes fight and that is a fact, but a real man shouldn’t let his better half to go to bed angry. I mean, if you have enough time to sit and talk, there is no reason to go to bed upset.

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, knowing that you will have to avoid each other in your house.

A real man will never do that and he will do his best for the two of you to make up. The second he does this you will know that he is a keeper.

He asks the questions, not only answers them

A good guy will always want to get to know you better and that means he will ask you many questions. And those questions are not just superficial ones like how your day was or what you ate at work.

He will talk to you about some serious stuff because he thinks he can trust you. The real sign that you found the perfect guy is if he remembers all your answers after 3 days.

He asks about your family

A really good guy will take of your family just like he takes care of you. He knows that they were a part of your life before you met him and having a solid relationship with them is essential for him.

If you catch him buying flowers for your mom’s birthday, you can be sure that you found a keeper. So, don’t let him go!

He doesn’t doubt you

Trust is a key to a happy relationship. Period. If you can go out with your friends to a nightclub and stay out late without him asking you where you have been, it is a sign that he trusts you.

You can just imagine how awful it would be to live with a guy who keeps asking questions about all that time that you haven’t spent with him.

It’s annoying, I know. A real guy who loves you and trusts you will never do such a thing, so try to keep him in your life as long as possible.

He says he loves you

For some guys, it is not so comfortable to say these three words. By saying them, they become totally exposed for others to hurt them, so they are hiding their emotions like a snake hides its legs.

BUT, a real guy who truly loves you won’t have any problem with saying them. He will do that when you least expect it and in that way, he will sweep you off your feet so easily. Suggestion: Never let a sincere man like this go!

He makes you feel safe with him

This is a dream come true for every woman on Earth—to actually be safe with her loved one.

If you find a guy who loves you to the moon and back and makes you feel good in your skin, you should know that he is worth the wait. Guys like this are rare, so make sure that you get your sample!

He makes an effort

Is there anything more romantic than a guy who makes an effort for the girl he loves? I thought so! No matter if he is washing the dishes or taking you out for dinner, you should be grateful and you should cherish him.

An extra bonus is if he pays attention to small details, like your favorite flowers or things that make you happy.

He calls you beautiful instead of hot

This means he doesn’t see you just like a walking sex toy. It means that he has some feelings for you and wants you to know that.

He thinks that the two of you make a great team and wants to spend the rest of your life with you.

He pushes you forward

A real man will always push you forward. No matter if you have problems at work or you have some family issues, he will try to help you to make things better.

He knows how the support of a loved one is important and by doing so, he wants you to know that he is madly, deeply and without limitations in love with you!