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9 Signs Your Relationship Is Slipping Away

9 Signs Your Relationship Is Slipping Away

We never fall for someone, expecting it to end. When we decide to let someone in, we hope it lasts a lifetime, but not every relationship works out. Not every couple is meant to be.

But if you believe you are destined to be together and you find yourself losing theirs love, recognizing signs of a relationship that’s slipping away might help you to react in time and save it or just leave before it gets ugly.

Your conversations are on autopilot

a man and a woman stand on the street and talk

You no longer talk about what’s important to you, what bothers you or how you feel.

Your conversations are not personal, they are just as awkward as those you have with your co-workers – simple exchanges of meaningless information just to fill the silence.

There is no more trust between you two

the man and woman sit as she watches him

You don’t feel comfortable when talking to your partner about your problems or fears anymore.

Sharing like you used to is now unimaginable, and trusting your partner is something you haven’t felt in a while.

You refrain from arguing because you simply don’t care enough to do so anymore

the woman looks at the man

First comes the arguing about every little thing that you used to brush off, but with time even that disappears. You no longer care what happens with the two of you, because you feel empty and drained.

You’re actually done with this relationship, but you still have to admit it to yourself.

Your sex life is practically dead

a man lies on a half-naked woman

And you are not bothered by it. There were days when you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other, and now all you are trying to do is stay away from each other.

And even if you decide to have sex, it’s no longer making love like it used to be. It’s just another chore to do.

Your number one source of stress is your significant other

the woman is lying in bed

Being with your significant other should take away your stress, not be the source of the stress. Once you realize this is happening, maybe it’s better to leave before your mental health comes into question.

You are constantly asking yourself whether they are the ‘one’

imagined woman on the balcony

You are obsessed with ‘what ifs’, wondering if you made the right choice by choosing them. Wondering what could’ve been if you two had never met and what your life would look like without them in it.

We all sometimes wonder what our life would look like without our S.O., but if that thought constantly comes to your mind, maybe it’s time to make that thought happen.

You enjoy time away from your partner more than the time you spend with them

the woman in the shirt is standing

You can still remember how happy you two were together, all the laughs you shared and the good times you had. But that’s all they are now, distant memories of the couple you used to be.

When was the last time you did something together for fun? When was the last time you surprised each other with something other than ugly silence and a cold hug? When was the last time you felt like a couple?

The thought of being without them doesn’t bother you

the woman stands smiling

As you keep wondering if they are the ‘one’, you realize it wouldn’t be so bad to be alone after all this time.

You no longer get upset when you think about them leaving; ending your relationship doesn’t seem so bad after all.

You know, deep down, that your future isn’t with them

the woman is sitting at the window drinking coffee

As time passes by and your feelings start to fade, when all of the things that made you a couple have disappeared, you can finally admit to yourself that your future isn’t with them.

It’s no longer a scary thought, it’s not something that breaks your heart; it is like hearing a weather forecast and feeling nothing.

Not many relationships work out, but what’s important is not to hold on to doomed ones too hard. Maybe your ‘one’ is just a break-up away.

9 Signs Your Relationship Is Slipping Away