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10 Special Qualities A Man Has That Mean You Should Never Let Him Go

10 Special Qualities A Man Has That Mean You Should Never Let Him Go

We’re all just human beings, and believe it or not, even men are. Even if they piss outside for some reason, they are still humans. But being human doesn’t automatically mean we’re all exactly the same, especially when it comes to love.

Some men are just better suited at being loving partners than others. Some have the characteristics of being toxic, immature and narcissistic and they aren’t cut out for the job, so please, don’t even look at them.

There are many characteristics that make a man great for a woman to have by her side. And these are some of the most important ones:

1. He sees the real you

He sees not only the physical side of you, but the side that really matters – the real you. He knows what is essential in a person and when looking at you, he sees how beautiful a person you really are.

He celebrates your character and admires who you really are.

2. He makes you feel loved

He really puts in an effort in making you feel loved. He shows that in every single chance he gets and makes you addicted to that feeling.

3. He makes you smile

This doesn’t mean he has to be a comedian and to make you laugh your ass off every time he speaks, but making sure that whatever he does will put a little smile on your face.

Your smile makes his face light up too, so he is doing it for mutual happiness.

4. He is mature

There are plenty of signs of maturity for a man, but one of the most important is that he is able to take care of himself and of you, of course.

He thinks and acts like a grown man, and remember that only a guy like that can be the right one for you.

5. He is supportive

Having someone who will support your decisions and stand by you no matter what is very important and a relief. If your man is supportive and is always watching your back, you’re a lucky girl.

6. He keeps his word

Having someone trustworthy beside you is crucial and the fastest way of him gaining your trust is for him to keep his promises. If he fulfills his promises, then he is a man of honor and dignity.

7. He is selfless

He doesn’t care what it takes, but he will make sure that you’re happy. He prioritizes you and puts your needs before his own. He is ready to make sacrifices if necessary and will show you how much he values you by making you a part of his plans and decisions.

8. He is ambitious

An ambitious man with dreams is worth keeping, that’s for sure. If he is an ambitious man with plans involving you in his head, you can be sure that he really loves you and that he will do his best to fulfill those dreams.

9. He is protective

It is in his nature to protect you, and because of this, he may even be a little overprotective. Sometimes even jealous, but it’s just because he is really into you. Of course, he will know how to keep this to a normal amount.

10. He wants to keep you

He is not afraid to show how much you mean to him and how much he wants to be with you. Him wanting to keep you means that he is a keeper, too.