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10 Things A Hot Mess Girl Knows Best

10 Things A Hot Mess Girl Knows Best

1. Your outfit speaks volumes about your mood

Well, most humans dress how they feel but you do it all the time.

You don’t care about what’s convenient or what others expect you to wear, so if you don’t feel like wearing high heels to a club, then you’re not going to wear them no matter how persuasive your friends were.

A flannel shirt and a pair of black leggings is your favorite combination and your go-to outfit whenever you don’t feel like spending too much time choosing what to wear (which is pretty much all the time). And you get away with it all the time.

2. Being on time is so not in

… or it’s simply outdated to you. Everyone is late anyways, so why would you be the one to be on time and the one waiting?

The funny fact is that sometimes, and I stress sometimes, you even get ready in time but then the minute you should be leaving you remember how you should perhaps paint your nails, or scroll through your Instagram one more time and there you are again—running late as always.

3. Remembering where you left your things is so irrelevant

You left the remote in the fridge? Your phone is still in the bathroom? The other sock of the pair is simply nowhere to be found? Your favorite lipstick is constantly getting lost? Not a surprise.

It’s not that remembering where your things are is irrelevant but you can’t make your brain remember anything. Even if you wish to pin some things up to make sure you remember them, you can’t.

It’s easier for you to just go with the flow and blame that hot mess personality of yours.

4. Making arrangements just to cancel last minute is so your thing

Your friends know you too well and whenever you make a deal with them to go out together, they’ve learned by now to know there is a huge possibility you’ll blow them off all of a sudden.

It might be that something really came up but in most cases, it’s just that you don’t feel like going out anymore.

5. Texting and staying in touch are so hard

The problem with you is not starting any communication, the problem is with keeping with the flow of the conversation. Your motivation decreases in like 15 minutes and then you postpone answering a message until there is no point in answering at all.

Somewhere down the road, your bonds with people get lost. It might be the case that when you meet those people in real life, you pick up where you left off, but staying in touch is just something you’re not good at.

6. Organizing your life is literally mission impossible

To say you’re unambitious would be so wrong. You have goals and you know where you want to be in life but for some reason you postpone any kind of action as long as you can.

Even when you push yourself into making an action plan, you have a hard time following it through. Somewhere down the road, you just get back into your comfortable routine and you leave everything you planned on doing for later.

7. Home and just underwear are such a great combo

Perhaps we should add an old oversized shirt to this combination too. There is nothing more comfortable for a hot mess girl than this. If she had to choose her superhero outfit, this would definitely be it.

8. Taking a nap solves so many problems

It’s like napping is the perfect solution to everything. It either goes away once you wake up or it just makes your wild emotions a little less wild. That’s why a hot mess girl is the queen of napping.

Unfortunately, problem-solving is not your strong suit. You’re more of a go-with-the-flow type of girl.

9. Deadlines are your worst enemy

Coloring inside the lines was never your thing and neither was meeting deadlines.

You have your own timeline for everything and adding more to it just messes it up.

You do things when you feel like it, not when you have to and that’s why you’re constantly in chaos.

10. Juggling through chaos is your life’s motto

This is the most fascinating thing about hot mess girls. Everything is a mess in your life. The paradox is that it got to that point where your mess somehow became cute and even hot.

Your thoughts or appearance might be in a state of disarray but somehow you maintain an undeniable attractiveness and beauty. You really are something special.