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7 Simple Reasons Girls Love Bad Boys

7 Simple Reasons Girls Love Bad Boys

Even if this doesn’t make any sense, we like bad boys.

We love them because of the way we feel when we are in their company.

They make us feel special when we are in their company and everything they say is so freaking hilarious! Even if they tell us some stupid things we will think they are talking about the most interesting thing in the world.

So, here you have 7 simple reasons why girls love bad boys!

 Read and find out more!

1. Confidence

It’s a well-known fact that bad boys are so confident.

And because of their confidence we will believe them everything they say and smile like idiots when they are close.

But you should keep in mind that there are some confident, good boys out there and you just need to give them opportunity to speak. I bet you won’t regret it!

2. Indifference

Indifference is one tricky mother fucker. The more he acts indifferent, the more you will like him. Some boys really know to play games and some girls fall for them without thinking.

That is normal because we can’t resist their amazing smiles and the way they make us feel.

But what you should know is that there are sincere guys who just want to love and to be loved. Give them some chance, please!

3. Excitement

Excitement is something that you won’t miss if you date a bad boy. He will make your bad day good and your good day even better. He will become your drug you won’t be able to resist and he will know what he is doing to you all the time.

You will also know that some things you are doing with him are not something you can be proud of but damn, it feels so good!

4. Adventure

We all like adventures but when you do something fun and new with a good looking guy, things become way hotter.

Bad boys are not afraid of anything and they would do different things to impress a lady they want to make theirs. So, if a guy is doing all sorts of crazy things and if he looks so damn good while doing them, you won’t be able to resist him so easily.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you will never feel excitement like this with a good boy!

5. Challenge

Bad boys are challenge for themselves. You will do anything just so he would pay attention to you but when he does you will feel on cloud nine. And that will be the best feeling ever.

Some bad boys will check you and they won’t give you their attention on purpose just so they could see if you are really interested in them and how much. Oh those sneaky bastards!

6. Mysterious

There is an old saying, „ A woman without secrets is like a sky without stars!“

And this works for guys, too.

We will be more attracted to a guy who is mysterious and has that ‘something’ only  special people have.

Only when a guy shows that he is interesting we will want to dig deeper and explore him. But he won’t make things easy and you will have to do all the work. That makes bad boys feel better in their own skin.

They enjoy the fact that a woman is falling for them and it makes their blood circulate faster.

7. Masculine

Most bad guys do things that the good ones would never do. They live on the edge, they have their own rules and they never say they are sorry. They are so rebellious but in all that mess they look so appealing and sexy. Who wouldn’t want them?

So girls, do you have your bad boy?!