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10 Things That Define A Girl With A Wild Heart

10 Things That Define A Girl With A Wild Heart

Impossible is a non-existent word in her dictionary.

These girls have no limits in achieving what they want. If they put their minds and hearts into something, odds are they are going to succeed.

When somebody says she can’t do something, she takes it as a challenge and answers with two simple words: “Watch me!”.

She craves excitement and adventure.

Along with the wild heart comes a free spirit and a soul eager to discover new horizons.

She likes meeting new people, hanging out, traveling, dancing, trying new things… There are no limits.

She lives life to the fullest with her wings widespread, ready to fly at any given moment.

She embraces chaos.

Somehow she is able to find order in chaos. She’s been through a lot and she learned to take it all in.

She is aware that not everything can be good all the time and that hard times will pass too.

Heartache hasn’t changed her.

She is still able to love, even though her heart is full of scars. Those scars were the wounds that healed and made her stronger.

She follows her intuition.

She learned to rely on her gut feeling. Life has broken and bent her but she always found her way back up.

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She is very creative and artistic.

She can make seemingly unattractive things incredible in a matter of moments. She just needs to feel inspired.

She finds beauty in imperfection.

She likes people the way they are and she never tries to change them because she would never allow anyone to change her.

Flaws and strong points are what we are all made of and she appreciates both.

8. She creates a world that fits her.

She doesn’t like chains or restrictions of any kind. She is not concerned with societal rules – she has rules of her own.

Her morals are high and she has an intense ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Her smile is intoxicating.

Her wild heart is reflected through her smile – it’s simply radiant. She even manages to pull it off when a situation is not so fine and dandy.

A man she loves shouldn’t try to tame her.

She needs a man who can keep up with her, one wise enough to let her be herself.

She needs someone to hold her just right – not too tight, not too loose, but enough that she feels his love.

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.” Candace Bushnell

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