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10 Things To Do After Sex To Intensify Your Relationship

10 Things To Do After Sex To Intensify Your Relationship

There is much more to intimacy than physical intercourse. In fact, there are some things every couple is advised to form a habit of doing after they finish making love.

Here are 10 of them.

1. Cuddle

Let’s face it. From time to time, all of us have the urge to turn our back to our partner after a job well done. This doesn’t mean that we love him any less or that he’s used us for sex, just because he isn’t up for anything else than enjoying everything that went on by himself.

However, cuddling right after sex is the number one thing you ought to do if you want to take your relationship to the next level. It brings you two closer when you’re most vulnerable and it makes your bodies get used to each other even more than sex. Besides, I assure you that men like to cuddle, too.

2. Cook together

Who says that only women have to cook? There is nothing better than entering a kitchen with your significant other, both completely naked, preparing a meal for the two of you.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated or extraordinary; it can be whatever meal both of you enjoy eating. Remember, one of the ways to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

3. …and eat in bed

I assume you have a strict policy against eating in bed (which is perfectly reasonable because it is not a place to dine), but every rule has an exception. From time to time, you can bring dinner to your romantic partner in bed and ask him to do the same.

This way, you guys won’t break the string of intimacy that started with your intercourse.

4. Watch a movie


Usually, watching a movie or your favorite TV show is an introduction to sex. However, this time, turn the tables and prepare a movie night after sex.

You don’t have to watch a documentary or some complex drama, you can even watch a reality show or some chick flick. The point is not in the content you guys are watching, as long as you lie together, in one another’s arms, and have a good laugh.

5. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most ancient methods that serves as a tranquilizer for both body and mind. And that is exactly what you need after some rough and wild bedroom action.

Your adrenaline and all of your hormones are at the highest level and meditation is the thing to bring you back in balance. It is even more interesting if you practice it together with your loved one.

6. Fall asleep together

Falling asleep in your man’s arms is one of the most beautiful feelings in every romantic relationship. It shows that you guys trust each other so much that you’re more than ready to share even the unconscious moments with each other.

If you don’t feel like sleeping just yet, spend at least a few minutes lying together with your eyes closed. I assure you that this practice will bring incredible peace to your relationship.

7. Shower together

You both always shower after sex, right? So why wouldn’t you do it together?

It can be a quick shower or a long bubble bath you’ll enjoy for hours. Besides being an amazing bonding experience, it can also be a chance for another run. Plus, you’re saving water!

8. Listen to relaxing music

Another thing you can do right after sex if you want to intensify your relationship is listen to some music that will have a soothing effect on your brain. Instead of choosing something aggressive or melancholic, pick some classical music or anything that helps you two relax. If you can’t think of a particular song to play, there are always some sounds of nature you can listen to.

9. Talk to each other

The last on this list, but definitely not the least important thing you should be doing after sex is talking. Remember that communication is crucial for every healthy relationship and it has a huge impact on it, despite the quality of sex.

You can talk about everyday activities, small talk, or even gossip. What’s important is to tear down the wall of awkwardness and for you both to feel comfortable in each other’s company.

However, what would be the best is for you guys to talk about sex. You can talk dirty or you can honestly talk about the things you enjoy or don’t enjoy doing. Don’t be afraid of speaking out about your wishes and the things you’d like to change. Just be careful about the way you do it, because you don’t want to hurt your man’s ego.

10. Have some more sex

What can be better than round two? One of the most important bedroom rules is to never stop at one time. Besides, it can always be a chance for some improvement!