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The 10 Traits Of A Good Girlfriend

The 10 Traits Of A Good Girlfriend

There are a lot of men who are ready to engage in something serious.

There are men out there searching for the right girlfriend who’ll make them feel like they found their other halves and the intention is amazing, but they’re trying to make their dreams come true with the wrong women.

If you are a mature man who is looking for a good woman to enter into a relationship with, it helps to know what a good woman looks like.

The right woman won’t be easy.

You won’t get whatever you wish for instantly. She will not dance to the rhythm that you play—she’ll dance to her own music.

She won’t start the conversation with nudes. You can stop dreaming of her naked pictures because she has principles and she knows what it takes to find a good man.

You’ll wait a while for sex.

She isn’t a prude, but she isn’t the one that’s looking for her soulmate by physical affection. Sex seems to be the main issue of today’s relationships.

You know each other for a few days and then you rush to bed.

A true woman will make you wait for a while because she values what you have in your head more than what you have in your pants.

No, you’re not allowed to sleep with other women until she feels it’s time to sleep with you because you’re only going to lose her that way.

She won’t be all over you.


You won’t need to ask her for space.

One of the signs your girlfriend is a good woman will be seen in the freedom you get because she won’t be hanging on your hand, begging you to talk to her all the time.

She’ll give you space without you even asking because she’s a grown-ass woman who happens also to need her space.

The right woman won’t be found in a girl.

If you’re looking for a responsible woman that will be able to follow each step of a mature man, you won’t find her in an 18-year-old girl.

She might be perfect, but what do mature man and a girl have long-term together?

The right woman has already been on this world a decent amount of time to have some life experience and to know how life works.

That’s why it is a good thing to have her as your girlfriend.

No, you won’t share every single interest in life.

And you shouldn’t. Being a good girlfriend doesn’t mean liking everything you like or doing things the way you do.

Opposites sometimes attract and she won’t be all over you while you’re doing things you like.

Instead, she’ll use that opportunity to do the things she likes and you can later enjoy sharing how your day went because you’ll probably be happy you devoted some time doing things you like instead forcing each other do things you don’t really feel like doing.

She’ll feel so good, you’ll forget you ever dated another woman.

She won’t be anything your ex was and you won’t even think of comparing her to your ex. Do you know why? Because she is a woman on her own and she doesn’t seem to do anything your ex did.

Because things are going good with her, you won’t even bother thinking of any other woman. Why bother anyway—she’ll always look better when compared to them.

She’s not a model.

And that shouldn’t bother you unless you’re Ryan Gosling yourself. She isn’t Adriana Lima but carries her own beauty.

The problem is that men want a quality woman to date, but they also expect her to be a top model.

It’s ok to have a few flaws here and there because they won’t matter at the end of the day. Forget them—they’re irrelevant when you have the right woman next to you.

There are no ultimatums with her.

She won’t give you ultimatums because this woman cares whether you’re happy in a relationship or not.

She cares about your feelings so she won’t force you to chose one thing or give up on her.

She won’t give you “You either marry me or leave!” speeches because she doesn’t want to push anything.

She knows that anybody who’d do that is not relationship material and cares only about herself or her desires.

She’s the one you’ll trust to have deep conversations with.

Sometimes, it can happen that she doesn’t really understand your situation, but it will be only because she’s never been there.

It will never be because she doesn’t care. You’ll always want to talk to her first about anything.

She’ll always be your first choice to share anything because you know even though she doesn’t understand, she’ll listen to you and make an extra effort to see where things you’re saying are coming from.

Everything about your relationship will feel amazing.

Once you have a mature woman next to you, she’ll make you feel at home. She’ll always feel like the right choice regardless of any ups and downs you two might experience.

You know why? Because the bad moments will be outnumbered by those good ones by at least five times.

We all have different tastes and there is nothing wrong with that.

But these 10 traits should help you in your search for a good girlfriend and hopefully, you understand that if you want a serious relationship, you’ll have to look for a mature woman who knows how to date you.

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