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How To Make A Man Feel Loved

How To Make A Man Feel Loved

We’ve been consumed by the idea that if we get naked that’ll mean that we love our man or if we want to make them feel really loved, we need to buy them something expensive like a brand new car. But no.

Believe it or not, men want the same things we want, it’s just that they don’t make a huge deal out of it. To make him stay and make him feel loved is not a hard thing to do at all! You just need to do these simple little things:

Listen and get to know him

We get so wrapped up in our own lives to the point where we forget about our partner. We forget that there are always things about someone which tend to stay hidden and we simply don’t ask questions to get to know them better.

We should stop being so self-absorbed and listen to what our partner has to tell us.


Women always want to get gifts from men but don’t want to return the favor. He doesn’t want expensive presents, just something that’ll show him that you really do care.

Maybe matching bracelets or even tickets for his favorite band or movie. He will be forever grateful and you’ll show that you’re not selfish, which will make him love you even more.

Make him a priority (sometimes)

We get tied up in our work so much that we forget that we have a loving and caring partner by our side. Leave everything, chances are that you are in desperate need of a little rest anyways.

Just let it all be and go out with him. Or go and buy yourselves a beer and something to eat and go home to watch a movie.

Be there for him

He might be stressed out because of work or he’s really sick and not feeling too well. In these situations, he really does need you. He needs you to be there for him and talk with him or make him soup or tea.

It’s such a little thing for you to do but it does mean a lot to him, believe me. He will never forget all those times you were there for him and he will return the favor for sure.

Compliment him

That cutie just went and got a new haircut or a new jacket and the first thing you ask him when you meet is, “Baby, do I look pretty?”

It won’t kill you to give him a compliment from time to time, so on your next date, before he even says anything, stop and tell him how good he looks.

These compliments don’t always have to be regarding his physical appearance. If he has done something well, tell him that! Let him know that you acknowledge his efforts.


Sex IS important in romantic relationships and if you thought that you could skip this step, you thought wrong. Sorry. Men really do love sex and it does make a connection between two people and make them love each other even more.

Take time to actually have sex and dedicate time to it.

Show him affection

Kiss him on the cheek. Rub his back and neck. Hold his hand. Look into his eyes and show him, with your eyes, that he is wanted and needed. It will make him feel appreciated without you even saying anything.

Leave your phone at home

No, it’s not just about checking your phone, because in any spare second, in an awkward silence or any other situation, you will take your phone and check it.

He might not say it, but doing this really does make someone feel unappreciated, so leave it at home and let him see that he means so much to you that you even left your phone at home.

Value his opinion

If you really want to make him feel loved and valuable, let him give you advice and listen to what he says about a topic. He will probably give you some great advice and you will see the problem from a different point of view.

Not only will it strengthen your relationship but you will also have a solution on how to deal with something that bothered you.

Give him space

Don’t be confused, as with this I don’t mean to leave him. I mean to give him enough space to do what he needs to do.

Don’t be overly attached, give him space and let him know that he can count on you to let him be when he needs to get his work done.