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10 Unmistakable Signs He’s Still In Love With His Ex

10 Unmistakable Signs He’s Still In Love With His Ex

Has your man been acting weird lately? Do you think the potential reason could be that he is still in love with his ex?

One of the worst feelings in the world is suspecting the man you’re in love with might still be in love with someone else—his ex.

And if you feel that something’s not right in your relationship, chances are it’s the truth.

Even though we women have the ability to intuitively know when things are not as they should be, we still tend to miss some obvious signs or make excuses for our man’s behavior.

Sometimes we refuse to face the truth by prolonging our suspicions and not doing anything about it.

Delaying the inevitable has never brought anything good to anyone, so it’s time to take a deep breath and start investigating!

It’s time for you to pay attention to his actions that will tell you if he’s still in love with his ex (or rather not) and the following 10 signs will be your guide.

10 signs he’s still in love with his ex

Everything reminds him of his ex

Whatever you two are doing or talking about, it always reminds him of his ex.

You go for a drink or a romantic dinner and somehow he always finds something that reminds him of her (without even trying).

Being constantly occupied with reminders of his ex means he’s unable to stop thinking about her and enjoy spending time with you instead.

He’s unable to let go of his past and enjoy the present with you because he still has feelings for her.

He gives her updates before he gives them you

His ex is always the first one to know things about him because he shares everything with her before he shares it with you.

She knows about his plans more than you and you can’t understand why he would do such a thing.

The main reason why he constantly gives her updates about his life is that he still feels attached to her.

He has an intense urge to share things with her and ask for her opinion because he still cares about her.

He mentions her while being intimate with you

One of the most obvious signs of him still being in love with his ex is if he mentions her even when being intimate with you.

If you two are making out and he’s talking about some kinky things he experienced with her or similar, it is a huge red flag that he’s still in love with her.

When you’re over someone, you don’t bother thinking about them that much, let alone mentioning their name when you’re about to have some sexy time with your partner.

He stalks her on social media

He likes her every post, every photo on social media and he chats to her regularly.

While it is normal to stay friends with your ex after a break-up, stalking them on social media and constantly finding excuses to text them is not normal.

If he’s doing it, it means he’s desperately trying to win her attention because he is unable to focus on anything other than her.

He acts weird when talking to her

When he’s talking to his friends, he’s loud, he laughs and basically acts normally.

But when he’s talking to her (if they are still in contact), he starts acting weird immediately.

He changes the volume of his voice to ‘almost mute’ and makes sure to go to another room to talk to her quietly.

And after he’s finished, he becomes utterly distressed and confused.

He’s still in touch with her family members and friends

Staying in touch with your ex’s family and friends is actually a positive thing.

But if he’s trying hard to stay in touch with all of her family members and friends by constantly texting them and spending lots of time with them (more than he spends with you), chances are he’s still in love with his ex and he’s desperately trying to be a part of her life.

Her family members and friends are his main sources when it comes to getting information about her life, her likes and the things she does in general because (obviously) he still has feelings for her.

The break-up wasn’t his choice

If the break-up wasn’t his choice, he might still be fighting hard to find closure.

When he mentions her all the time, feeling confused on the phone with her or similar, he is going through a regret phase of feeling guilty about not doing certain things.

He probably still thinks that had he done something differently, the break-up wouldn’t have occurred.

He’s constantly fighting his inner battles that are preventing him from seeing anything other than her.

He compares you to her

He doesn’t compare you to her in an obvious manner. He does it more discreetly.

For example, you two are eating pizza and watching a movie and all of a sudden he tells you that his ex has her own unique way of eating pizza.

He does this because he subconsciously misses her personality and thus compares everything you do to her.

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He hates her

If he tells you that he hates her, do not believe him. Hating someone is not the same thing as not giving a shit about someone.

When you hate someone, you’re going through a whole different set of emotions that have nothing to do with real hate.

Hating means not being willing to accept something because it’s not the way you want it to be.

If he hates her, it means she’s still there in his heart and he hates the fact of not being able to erase her from his life or being able to be with her.

He calls you his ex’s name

Has he ever called you by his ex’s name? If yes, it’s not a big deal.

But is he constantly calling you by his ex’s name, making you think that he has amnesia or something?

If the answer is yes, he’s doing it because, again, she’s on his mind and no matter how hard he tried to think about something else, he simply fails every time.