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One Day You’ll Realize She Was The Only One Always There For You

One Day You’ll Realize She Was The Only One Always There For You

While you were there pretending like you didn’t care, she loved you sincerely and from the bottom of her heart. She never hid her true feelings.

As if she could anyway. It was written all over her face and it was carved in all her actions how much she loved you. And you? You seemed like you didn’t care.

When you needed her, she was always there for you.

She never had a problem with leaving everything and rushing to save you. She had no problem brushing her friends off just so she could be there to cheer you up when you were feeling down.

She was your person, the one who always found the right words in the right moments. She made it her life’s mission to be there for you whenever you needed her.

She never cared about herself; as long as you were happy, she was happy as well. She tied her happiness to yours, that’s how much she cared for you.

When everyone turned their backs on you, she stuck by your side.

She never cared about your flaws or your mistakes. She kept trying to look beyond them and find something good in you.

When people got tired of your shitty behavior or your mistreatment, she stayed because she hoped that there were brighter days ahead of you and that perhaps with time you might change.

So she stuck by you, to show you she was your true friend, to show you how you could always count on her.


While you didn’t care what she thought of you, she tried so hard to be perfect for you.

You never looked back. You never stopped for a second and gave a thought to how your actions would impact this girl who was trying so hard to be perfect for you.

You did your own thing, you behaved as it pleased you and she always got treated based on how your day was; if it was bad, you’d make sure she went down too, and if it was good, you never for a second thought of sharing it with her.

The worst part of it was the less you cared, the more she tried. The more you turned your back on her, the more she tried to make you notice her.

She loved you so much that she was willing to become someone else just so she’d get to keep you. Little did she know, you can’t keep someone who was never yours to begin with.

When you couldn’t care less for her, she cared the most for you

That’s just how she was and she couldn’t help herself. She gave you the best of her, hoping that one day she would get the best of you as well.

But you never bothered to even notice her kindness, let alone reciprocate it.

But the joke’s on you because you lost a good girl. The one any sane person would fight tooth and nail to keep. And you chose to lose her.

You might be reckless now, but one day it will hit you. One day you’ll realize she was one of those golden girls who was always there for you.

One you should’ve kept just for yourself, one you should’ve fought to keep with every atom of your being.

But, instead, you chose to play the role of a fuckboy and not care. And eventually, she got tired of giving everything and getting nothing in return.

Her mind got tired of keeping her awake at night because of you, when she never crossed your mind or when you slept like a baby.

Her heart got tired of loving someone who decided not to feel anything at all.

Her soul got tired of craving someone who was never headed her way to begin with.

And after everything she went through with you, she still planned to stay, but you left her no choice but to leave. She tried, you didn’t.

So she decided to put her efforts into someone who would appreciate them for a change.

One day you’ll realize she truly cared for you. And I promise you’re going to miss her being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you.

You’re going to regret everything you did to her.

And someday, you’ll turn back and she won’t be waiting there for you. She might’ve been worthless to you, but you’ll miss her when she becomes priceless to someone else.