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10 Ways To Attract Love Using The Law Of Attraction

10 Ways To Attract Love Using The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives things we want by whatever we focus on. The Law of Attraction uses the power of the mind to materialize into reality whatever is in our thoughts.

Basically, whatever you imagine can turn into reality eventually. If you’re focused on negativity, you remain under that cloud of gloominess. But, when you set your mind to positive thinking and goals to achieve, you will easily find a way to make them happen.

Every second, we are sending out our emotions and thoughts while acting as human magnets to attract exactly what we have put out. If we are sending out negative thoughts, we will attract back only negative things.

But, only a few people are fully aware of the true potential of the Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts simply because it’s really hard to understand that everything that has happened to us is shaped only by ourselves.

Whether it was bad or good, we attracted it by emitting our wishes and thoughts. However, once you understand the key behind the Law of Attraction, you can embrace the hope and courage that comes from the knowledge that you are in charge of your life.

Being in charge helps you to free yourself from all the fears, worries and negativity that was pinning you down and keeping you stuck in one place.

While understanding the Law of Attraction, you will soon understand that you are the artist and your life is the canvas on which you paint. Imagine your thoughts like colors you are going to use and paint your life in vibrant and bright colors.

You and only you have the power to make your life a true masterpiece, and all it takes is your will. And the best part? The Law of Attraction works on every single aspect of your life—whether it’s love, success, mental or physical health, money and wealth. You can even increase your self-confidence and combat anxiety. You can truly make happen everything you want.

There are endless possibilities for you, once you decide to use the Law of Attraction, but right now we are focusing on attracting love.

Love is not just about having someone by our side and having a life partner that will help us create that masterpiece we were talking about. Love is the force that drives us and keeps us safe, warm and makes us feel good.

To attract love, we need to feel love and manifest it. But what if we are broken and stuck in a really dark place of our life? What if, no matter how hard we try, we still don’t see the light ahead in the road?

It can be exhausting to deal with constant disappointment and break ups.

When it seems like everyone else has everything figured out, but we are still in the same place, still being let down, it’s hard to find the will to stand back up.

It is completely normal to want to give up and take some time to just breathe and stare in the distance, to gather our thoughts and emotions, to find a way to move forward.

It’s completely normal to be afraid of love, but don’t let that fear define your future. Don’t let that fear lock you up inside your own mind. Find a way to fight it and some of the best ways to do that exactly is by using Law of Attraction techniques to attract love.

Understand your past

In order to attract love, you need to find out why your love attempts in the past went wrong and why it seems like you just don’t have luck when it comes to the love.

You need to ask yourself three important questions. Are you shutting yourself off from love, knowingly or unknowingly? Are you looking back into the past? Have you lost faith in love?

Sometimes, we decline love without even realizing it. Our subconscious is still hurting and warning us of danger which manifests in us shutting down.

Unfortunately, even if it serves as a way to protect you from pain, it also protects you from the love itself.

Another way we neglect love is when we have unfinished business in the past. Maybe you are still trying to process a rough relationship or there is someone you are still thinking about in your past.

To attract love, you need to let go of the past and focus on the future. There is no way to move forward if we are constantly looking back.

And after we’ve been hurt, or spent what it seems like way too much time looking for true love, we lose faith. It happens more than you would think.

We accept the fact that there is no soulmate. Therefore, we settle for ordinary love, rather than looking for the true one.

Focus on the future – be clear about what you want in a partner

Rather than looking back into the past and wondering about all the ‘what-ifs’, focus on the future instead. Let go of the negative thoughts and leave them where they belong – in the past.

Focus on your positive qualities and the bright future that’s waiting for you. Especially focus on the kind of person you want to spend it with.

With all of the relationships from the past, you already know what kind of man you want by your side. But the thing is, we all tend to focus on negative things rather than focusing on positive ones.

It’s not about what we don’t want, it’s about what we do want. If you want a man that puts you first and makes you his priority, that’s a positive thought that makes you feel good.

But if you’re thinking how you don’t want a cheater, manipulator or a wuss, those kinds of thoughts make you feel bad and thus attract the bad stuff into your life.

Stay positively clear about the man you want to meet, the man you want to love you and be sure that you will attract him in no time.

Keep on dreaming and believing

Daydreaming is a good thing. Science actually confirmed that if we are daydreaming about a certain thing, we are actually getting better at it. So, why not apply the same rule to love?

If you are daydreaming about your life partner, the universe will get the image of what you want. Once you have a clear image of what you want, feel free to replay it over and over again.

The power of your imagination is remarkable and unstoppable, so use it to attract that extraordinary kind of love you deserve. Focus on the qualities you want, such as loyalty, honesty and caring rather than the physical characteristics.

Love yourself first

Until you fall in love with yourself, you can’t expect someone else to fall in love with you.

Self-criticism is negative energy that you put out and eventually attract back. It repels all the positive energy you could potentially attract, including love and love partners.

On the other hand, self-love and confidence are highly attractive. It’s not only our physical side. The more you focus on loving yourself, more love you will attract.

Make a list of the things you love about yourself and remind yourself every day. Hang it on the wall and repeat it to yourself in front of the mirror.

Love the person you see in it, like you would love your life partner, because you are your own partner for life after all.

Once you truly accept yourself the way you are and dismiss all the negative criticism and thoughts, the universe will love you too.

It’s just because it feels great to be around people who are genuinely loving themselves and who don’t constantly bring themselves down.

Don’t give in to doubts

When we are constantly being told that dreams are for children and that hoping is for fools, it’s hard to stay true to our paths.

During the time when everyone is so skeptical, it’s hard to be a dreamer. But just because you are doing things your own way doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way.

Don’t give in to doubts that this is something you should stop doing. There is no harm in wanting, dreaming and believing, right?

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you? Following the Law of Attraction, you will learn how to love yourself and learn that when you take care of yourself, the universe takes care of you.

That when you put yourself first, the universe does it too. There are no bad side effects of using art of attraction techniques to get what you want, so why stop doing it just because someone told you it’s foolish?

Just because it took more time than you expected? Enjoy the journey and the final destination will appear right ahead of you.

Let go of the jealousy

It’s completely natural to feel jealous when you see someone else living the life you desire.

Seeing happy couples when you’re single can be hurtful, but jealousy is just another negative emotion you are putting out there for yourself to attract later on.

Letting go of the jealousy is truly important. Instead of feeling down, celebrate all the love you see. Understand that when you see someone else having what you desire is just a sign that the same thing is coming your way.

Celebrating other people’s happiness is a great way to tell the universe that it’s time for you to experience it, too.

Keep on hoping

The Law of Attraction is not a quick fix. It takes time to accept who you are. It takes time to fall in love with yourself and it takes time to harvest all of that good energy you put out there.

Don’t give up just because it takes time. We tend to give up when we are disappointed, when we are waiting for too long or when it seems that we are hoping in vain. But just because love didn’t come instantly, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to come.

Being persistent, hoping and believing is the key for the Law of Attraction to work. Stay positive, no matter what happens and trust me: true love will come knocking on your door when you least expect it.

Enjoy the present and look forward to the future

Just because you are waiting for love, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself now. You already know that in order to attract love, you need to give love.

Love yourself, love your life and love everything that happens to you. Remember that you are in charge of your own life, in charge of both your present and future.

Learn to enjoy the now, enjoy the moment. You always wondered what it felt like to climb mountains and live your life to the fullest? What’s stopping you from doing it?

Embrace all of the crazy dreams you have and follow all the passions and craving you have. Once you truly enjoy yourself, you’d be surprised how many good things and people you will attract.

Happiness is one of the most powerful forces out there, alongside with love. Share your happiness with the universe and the universe will share love with you.

Let go of all the wrong beliefs

The universe has a way of making true all the beliefs we have. If you believe that you don’t deserve true love, you will never have it. If you believe that you are never going to be happy, you never will. It’s simple.

Change your beliefs into something you want. Believe that you are worthy and that you deserve that movie kind of love, because you do.

Believe that you are destined for something greater than settling for something less than you want. If you are feeling good about yourself and good about your future, the universe will reflect it back to you and actually give you the things you believe you deserve.

Don’t think too much about how it’s going to happen

The thing you have to do is to believe in yourself and in a power greater than all of us. Don’t think too much about how it’s going to happen, just believe it will.

Focus on loving yourself, focus on the positive things and let go of the fear and negativity. Love like you were never hurt, believe like you were never broken.

And trust me: the universe will give it back to you. It will find a way to give you back all of the things you gave to it. It will give you back all of your dreams, all of your hopes and good vibes you emitted. And when it does, you will wonder why you were ever worried.