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10 Wonderful Ways You Can Show Someone How Much You Love Them

10 Wonderful Ways You Can Show Someone How Much You Love Them

If you’re like me, you simply love to love someone but you have trouble expressing your feelings. You might feel connected and in love to the point where your heart starts to jump for joy the moment you meet the person who has all of your affection.

Still, we don’t know why but we do have problems with expressing those feelings or making gestures that might help your partner realize how much you’re actually in love with and how much you appreciate him.

That doesn’t have to be hard at all and if I’ve managed to do it, anyone can! So don’t hold back, be prepared to show all the love you feel for someone.

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Surprise him!

Surprise your partner with little things that you might never have done before.

Make him a fancy dinner and light some romantic candles, take your partner on a road trip or even plan out a cute picnic followed by some other romantic gestures.

It’s not that much work but it’ll show how much you care and love that person!


Maybe it’s a bit boring but it’s so important. When it’s raining outside, make hot drinks for the both of you and cuddle while watching some movie or a TV series.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is sit by the window, watch the rain, drink tea and talk. It’ll create an atmosphere that is full of love and connection.


No, don’t roll your eyes at me. I don’t mean usual, everyday gifts that you can buy at any store.

I mean something that’s handmade and something that only your partner will have, because you made it.

Take some time to think about what would have the biggest meaning and what would be very special. There’s nothing like a handmade gift.

Don’t let him go

When your partner is feeling really upset, don’t just ‘give him space’ but rather hold him tightly so that he will know that you will be there no matter what happens.

Show your partner that he can rely on you and that you will be there for him. Hug your partner until he feels better. Don’t let go.

Choose him over your friends

Well, this one sounds a bit harsh but it’s important. When your partner needs your help with something or if he’s sick or simply not feeling too good, choose him.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already made plans with someone else, cancel them. Your partner needs you.


Just leave your phone in another room or somewhere where you can’t get distracted by it. Let your full attention be on the conversation without any distractions.

It means a lot when someone has enough respect and love for us to put their phone aside just to talk to us, doesn’t it?

Leave an encouraging note

You can do this every day. Put little notes of encouragement everywhere in the house where your partner can see them.

Simple notes like, ‘You can do this! I believe in you’ can work wonders, believe me.

Get sexy

I’m not saying that you aren’t sexy now but it would be nice if you would initiate sex more or wear those panties that he loves so much.

Try out new things that your partner wanted to try out with you, show him that you love him by being open-minded and free.

Kiss him until he falls asleep

This is the cutest thing my partner does for me. He softly kisses my entire face until I fall asleep.

It’s so cute and it shows that your man truly doesn’t mind kissing you all through the night. So, do this from time to time for your partner. It’s very calming.


The ultimate proof of love. If your man is a sweetheart who loves you, don’t just take him for granted. Be there for him and stay.

If he does everything to make you happy, then return the favor. Stay by his side in sickness and in health, without exception. This will mean the world to him.