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102 Exciting And Provocative Dares For Guys

102 Exciting And Provocative Dares For Guys

A game of Truth or Dare is a very popular game among kids, adults, teenagers and basically anyone who wants to add some juicy fun to their get-togethers!

This game is a great way to spice up a party if it starts getting monotonous and take things to another level of fun.

The whole point is to slightly embarrass one another in a fun and teasing manner and to later tell of your silly adventures for days to come.

In order to save you some time, so you don’t have to come up with new, innovative dares, I have compiled a list of cool, fun, provocative and silly dares to ask guys on your next get-together! Make their life a little miserable (all in good fun!) with these awesome dares made especially for them!

Enjoy these dares for guys and have fun with them!

1. Drink a full glass of beer in 10 seconds.

2. Go to the person to your left, and sit on their lap for the next 15 minutes without exchanging a single word.

3. Shave one of your legs in front of everybody.

4. Call the girl you like, and tell her you think her best friend looks cute.

5. Brush the teeth of the person next to you.

6. Take a permanent marker and draw something vulgar on your best friend’s face.

7. Stand on your head for 10 seconds.

8. Go outside, run around the building and scream from the top of your longs that you love Ben and Jerry’s.

9. Exchange an item of clothing with the girl sitting in front of you.

10. Sing the song of your choice with your mouth full of water.

11. Perform a striptease for the entire crew, and leave only your underwear on.

12. Call a random number, and make the most ridiculous phone call.

13. Take off the socks of the person sitting to your right, without using your hands.

14. Drink a carton of milk or continue the rest of the night without your shirt on.

15. Bark like a dog for 5 minutes.

16. Lick the floor, but you’re not allowed to drink water for the next 15 minutes.

17. The group chooses one person, and then you have to tell that individual 5 deeply emotional reasons why you love them, in a singing voice.

18. Take a shower if you are at somebody else’s house, and then wear the first thing they have in the drawer.

19. Simulate sex for 10 minutes with the person sitting to your right—regardless of their gender.

20. Post a pathetic love status on all your social media, and you’re not allowed to delete it until the next day.

21. Leave the building, and profess your love to the first person you see.

22. Call the mom of your girlfriend or crush, and tell her how much you love her daughter.

23. Go wash your hair, but leave the shampoo on for an hour without rinsing.

24. Carry the person sitting to your left around the room for 5 minutes.

25. Hop on one leg and sing the National anthem.

26. Do as many push-ups as you can within one minute.

27. Speak with a fake posh accent for the rest of the night.

28. You have to let a girl of your choosing draw something on your face with lipstick, but you’re not allowed to look in the mirror until the game is over.

29. Dial a random number and whoever picks up, pretend you’re their boyfriend, and ask them about why they didn’t show up for your date night today.

30. Tell everybody about the filthiest fantasy you have, but would never actually go through with.

31. Eat a small portion of dog or cat food (depending on which pet they own).

32. Pretend a stuffed animal is your girlfriend, and speak to it throughout the entire game as you would if it was your actual girlfriend.

33. Choose a girl from the group, and remove her bra without taking her shirt off.

34. Lick the toes of the girl sitting closest to you OR lick your own toes. Your choice.

35. Have a girl sitting to your right melt ice cubes all over your body. Shirtless, naturally.

36. Either smell the feet of every person in the room OR fart as loudly as you can.

37. Put on a girl’s deodorant.

38. Empty your wallet in front of everybody, and show everything that you keep inside.

39. Make the most embarrassing photo you have of yourself as your profile photo on your social media.

40. Cover your face in mustard, and leave it on for 30 minutes.

41. Soak your T-shirt in water, and then put it back on yourself, and walk like a model for a few minutes.

42. Do whatever the person to the left of you tells you to do for the duration of the game.

43. Don’t stop talking for 5 minutes straight, and if you do, drink a beverage of anybody’s choosing in 15 seconds.

44. Go hug all the trees outside the building, and tell them you love them, loudly enough so people can hear you.

45. Bite the guy next to you on the cheek (gently, though).

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46. Have any guy do your makeup. And I mean a full-on makeup session.

47. Turn your clothes upside down, and wear them like that for the rest of the night.

48. Guess everybody’s age.

49. Turn the music OFF, and dance for 2 minutes with yourself.

50. Let somebody feed you a banana.

51. Let the group choose the most embarrassing pose for you, and then take a picture of you with their phone. (You’re not allowed to delete it afterwards!)

52. Curse for 5 minutes straight.

53. Tell everybody who your favorite person in the group is, and then proceed to kiss them on the mouth. (With tongue.)

54. Slap yourself on the butt, and make up a song that goes with the beat.

55. Perform a short skit, and make everybody guess from which movie it was.

56. Pretend you just won an Academy Award, and do a full speech, thanking every person in the room individually—and don’t skip anyone.

57. Give the person to your left your phone, and let them read out loud your last text conversation.

58. Now, give your phone to the person to your right, and let them text whoever they want, saying whatever they want, and they can’t give you your phone back until the game is over.

59. Make a touching speech on why you believe rats are so amazing.

60. Let the group mix you a drink, but they can’t tell you what they put inside. (Nothing that causes bodily harm.)

61. Choose a hairy part of your body, and the guy next to you has to shave it.

62. Choose any condiment, and eat a tablespoon of it.

63. Write something really embarrassing on your left arm with a permanent marker.

64. Go outside, act lost in time and space, tell people on the street that you come from the future, and ask them what year this is.

65. Take off either your shirt or your pants, and stay that way for the rest of the evening.

66. Let the girl closest to you pick your nose for a minute.

67. Clip your toenails in front of everybody.

68. Draw two people from the group, and then make everybody else guess who it is.

69. Keep telling jokes until every person in the room has cracked a smile.

70. Let the group do your hair.

71. Pen an opera about any person in the group, and perform it proudly and loudly.

72. Try to make yourself cry while singing Yellow from Coldplay.

73. Rap an Eminem verse of your choosing.

74. Put on the cheesiest love song, and then dance with a girl of your choice for the whole song.

75. Eat a jar of pickles with Nutella.

76. Do the worm.

77. Pretend you’re a salesman, and sell the shirt that you’re wearing to the person next to you, using the best arguments you can think of.

78. Either do a magic trick or let the group snoop through your phone for 2 minutes.

79. Imitate Robert De Niro whenever you speak, for the next 3 rounds.

80. Sing a Whitney Houston song with no music.

81. Stand up and recite a short poem about why you’re so awesome.

82. Choose someone to slap you.

83. Drink a glass of salted water.

84. Pretend you’re spinning a hula hoop around your waist for 5 minutes, without laughing or interrupting the game.

85. Imitate a female celebrity, and make the group guess who it is. If they can’t guess, you have to pretend to be that celebrity for the next hour (after telling them who it was).

86. Eat a raw egg.

87. Seduce any member of the group, while talking dirty to them. If you laugh, you have to do it to another person.

88. Pretend you’re a cat for 20 minutes—all while playing the game.

89. Let the group choose a topic, and you have to come up with a song about it.

90. Do a pole dance on an imaginary pole.

91. Choose any item from the room, try to spell it with your fingers in the air and somebody has to guess what it is.

92. Pick any curse word. Then sing your favorite song, replacing one particular word in that song with the curse word of your choosing every time the word appears in the song..

93. Post an embarrassing, sexually related comment on your friend’s social media account.

94. Do a belly dance like your life depended on it.

95. Run from one side of the room to the other yelling Fire! for two minutes.

96. Go outside, yell that it’s the end of the world and scream for everybody to find the nearest shelter.

97. Impersonate a person from the group, all while playing the game, until somebody guesses who it is.

98. Go to the bathroom, take off your underwear and wear it on your head during the next round.

99. Take an ice cube, put it your mouth and then gently transfer it to the mouth of the person sitting to your left.

100. Let the group yell out random animals for a minute, and you have to impersonate them all.

101. Pick a number, and then call the person in your contacts under that number. When they pick up, sing I want it that way, from Backstreet Boys to them for half a minute.

102. The group has to tell jokes for 5 minutes straight, but you’re not allowed to laugh, or talk. If you do, you have perform a striptease in the middle of the room, to any song the group picks.