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100 Sexy, Freaky Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

100 Sexy, Freaky Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

Have you ever just wanted to be able to say a certain thing and turn a guy on immediately? If you have, you’re not alone and you’re in the right place.

Texting is vital in keeping the relationship sizzling hot these days and quite frankly, it has never been easier getting the job done than it is in this day and age.

In this article, you will find various different types of text messages that are designed to turn your guy on and get him in the mood ASAP.

It’s quite exhilarating how these 160 characters can bring you so much closer to your partner (or a potential partner) and make him want to rip your clothes off within seconds.

There are other ways to penetrate a man’s psyche and learn how to, by turning his fantasies into reality, satisfy his emotional needs and make him yours forever. The only thing you need to make this happen is RIGHT HERE.

Here are some steamy things you can say to your guy that will turn him on immediately and make him hot for you:

Freaky Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

1.  I had a very dirty dream last night and I’ll give you three guesses who the main guy in it was? Here’s a hint… He’s reading this right now.

2.  Lying in bed, half naked and beyond bored… Kind of wishing you were here to play Simon Says with me right now.

3. I feel like there’s something truly missing in my life… To be exact—you, between my legs.

4. If I was lucky enough to be with you at this very moment, tell me all the places you would want me to touch you. I’ll remember it for the next time I see you.

5.. I have to be honest with you. The only thing I want right now is to be naked with you by my side.

6. Hi. Here I am sucking on a Blow Pop right now and all I’m able to think is how I wish it was you instead.

7. Hey babe. Guess who’s been a really naughty girl today and is in need of some serious spanking? You’ve got one guess…

8. There’s this song that I’m listening to right now and it’s making me think of none other than you.

It’s a really naughty one so remind me to play it the next time we’re getting it on.

9. If you can guess what I’m thinking at this moment, I’ll make any of your dirtiest wishes come true.

Hint: it involves my tongue and a part of your body that I’m really fond of.

10. Will you do me a favor and finally resolve my dilemma? I want to know if you’re as steamy in bed as you are in my thoughts…

11. I have to admit something. Every time I think of you, I touch myself…

12. Be honest. How many dirty dreams have you had about me? My number when it comes to you is really high.

13. If I told you that I’d let you do anything you want to me, what would be the first thing you did?

14. Work sucks. Especially when all I can think about is this hot guy I know and his freaking amazing body…

15. Hey, I thought I’d let you know that if you’re ever going through a hard time, like a really hard time, I’m there for you. I’d be more than happy to give you a hand if you need one.

16. I’ve got to be honest with you… Your mouth is kind of magical. The things you can do with your lips blow my mind, I’m not sure you’re even human.

17. I just showered and immediately had this urge to text this hot stud I know. I didn’t even manage to put any clothes on. If you know someone who’s interested, tell him to come over.

18. Could you maybe help me put some sunscreen on? And later on, if it’s not too much of a hassle, help me get this bikini off.

19. Just ate dinner and thinking of having some dessert. Do you want to come over and perhaps bring some whipped cream and wear light clothes that are easy to get out of?

20. If you tell me the filthiest thing you ever thought about me, I’ll tell you the dirtiest dream I had about you…

21. On my way home from work and already thought of five dirty scenarios I want to try out with you tonight.

22. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than in bed with you.

23. Just finished getting myself off and thought of you the whole way through… Damn it, you’re SO good.

24. Have you already jerked off today or do you need a hand?

25. I think it’s time we tried that thing we keep going back and forth about.

26. Think about what you want me to do to you tonight and I’ll do my best.

Sexy Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

1. You look so fine today. Wondering how I know even though I haven’t seen you yet? Because you look damn good every day.

2. What do you say we finally do something about this penetrating sexual tension between us?

3. Question. There’s this super cute guy I can’t stop thinking about… nor do I want to. What should I do about it?

4. If we were together right now, we most definitely wouldn’t be flirting or hugging for too long and wanting to rip each other’s clothes off, or anything fun like that.

5. I really want you to come over this weekend but I can’t promise that I’ll be able to keep my hands to myself. Are you cool with that?

6. So are we really just chilling tonight or do you have some other, dirtier plans? I wouldn’t mind either way…

7. Want me to tell you the things I’ll do to you tonight? Well, I hope you’re a patient guy, because you’re going to have to wait and see.

8. In my dream, you keep getting me naked… So weird. Do you have any idea what that’s all about?

9. Just read that caffeine boosts a woman’s sexual desire. Is that the reason you keep buying me coffee?

10. I know you’re thinking about me naked right now… Don’t let me stop you!

11. Do you know what my favorite thing in the world is? The second word of this text.

12. There’s this girl I know who has a huge crush on you… What should I tell her? Hint: she’s texting you right now.

13. You suck at pretending you don’t want me… But I don’t mind.

14. Quick question: What should a person do when they can’t get someone out of their head and they don’t know how to tell the person that?

15. Just wanted you to know that I think you’re really cute. And hot. And smart. And all I want to do is put my lips on yours!

16. It’s supposed to be a really hot day today. So I’ll probably just be wearing a thong and nothing else in bed all day. What are your plans for today?

17. Happy birthday! Tonight all your steamy wishes are coming true.

18. I was just in the middle of watching a show and I suddenly remembered how hot you looked the other day and I had to take a long break… if you catch my drift.

19. My friends are always telling how I can’t stop talking about you but in all honesty, how is it my fault that you’re the sexiest human who I’ve ever shared my bed with?

20. What are your plans for tonight? Wanted to get reservations for your bedroom, so I just want to make sure it’s available for the rest of the night?

21. Good morning! I’m going braless today and I feel so free. Just thought you’d like to know.

22. The thought of seeing you tonight suddenly left me with zero clothes on… Weird, huh?

23. Tonight, let me be the boss and you just relax. I’ll do all the dirty work and all you have to do is scream.

Sexy Things To Say To A Guy To Turn Him On

1. I love how your body looks when you take all those unnecessary clothes off.

2. I’m naked right now and have nothing to do. If you have any ideas, I am open to suggestions… and much more.

3. Remember that thing I talked to you about doing in bed? I think it’s finally time we tried it, what do you think?

4. If I was there with you right now, I’d push you onto the bed, tear your clothes off and do whatever the fuck I wanted to do to you… Too bad you’re so far away.

5. I keep replaying last night in my head. It’s been on loop for hours now… Send help.

6. When you come over, meet me straight in the bedroom. I’m feeling really horny today.

7. Do you have any fantasies and how may I assist in making them come to life?

8. I want you right here, right now. Any problem with that?

9. My hands. My hips. My lips. Your body. Tonight.

10. You can’t even imagine the amount of fun we’d be having if you were here tonight…

11. Just put on some really crazy underwear. I barely put them on from all the straps. I’m going to need your help taking them off!

12. My roommates are finally gone for the weekend so we can be as loud and as crazy as we want. And I’m really in the mood for some shenanigans today.

13. I have to show you something so you better come over! The only thing is, you’re going to have to undress me to see it… Hope that’s okay.

14. Nothing gets me in the mood as the thought of you naked.

15. You should arrange to go in late to work tomorrow because I’m planning on staying up really late with you tonight.

16. Let me be clear. When you come over later, I’m going to undress you really slowly. I’m going to take my time unzipping your pants and take them off one leg at a time. I’m going to take off your boxers and throw them out of my sight and anything that might happen next is totally up to you.

17. I’m touching myself as we speak… and kind of wishing you were here to help me.

18. If you’re not too busy today, I was thinking we could maybe have sex all day long? Let me know your plans so we can work something out.

19. If you could do anything you wanted to me right now, what would you do? And what are you waiting for?

20. What is your favorite thing I ever did to you in bed?

21. Has anyone ever told you how incredibly sexy you are?

22. You can come over but there is only one rule. You may not keep your hands to yourself. Actually, I’ll show you exactly where you should put them.

Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On

1. There’s a guy in my life I’m crazy about but he can’t know! OMG I can’t believe I sent this to you… Oh well, now that you know, want to make out?

2. Some people say to-may-to. Some people say to-mah-to. And I say I-want-you-and-I-need-you-right-this-moment.

3. Riddle me this: What is handsome, cute and can get hard as a rock?

4. I’m watching HBO and boy have I got ideas for us later on! Next time, you’re watching it with me so we can try it out as we’re watching.

5. I’ve got a BA in Communications, so there’s no one more qualified to blow your mind tonight… Just saying.

6. One, two, I want to do you. Three, four, I want you more. Five, six, don’t give me tricks. Seven, eight, don’t be late. Nine, ten, see you then.

7. Did you know that today is National Donut Day? We should celebrate it in my bedroom and I’ll bring the sugar!

8. I have to tell you something… You have a really hot body. Hope you don’t hold it against me? But in all honesty, I really wouldn’t mind touching you now as you’re unzipping my pants.

9. Do you believe in lust at first sight or should I walk by you one more time?

10. My dad always made sure I knew I deserved to be treated like a princess. And you know that princesses like it hot in bed… So what are you going to do about that?

11. Your body is so hot it’s making me so thirsty… Was that sexy? Let me try again… I’m not wearing anything right now. How about that?

12. The top three hottest things on this planet are your chin, your shoulders, and your… I think you know where I’m going with this.

13. So, I’m outside. I’m not wearing much. There’s a lot of my clothes missing but nobody’s calling the cops. Can you guess the items that are missing or should I show you?

14. I got almost no sleep last night preparing for what I’m about to do to you tonight starting at 7 pm sharp.

15. Just thought I’d let you know I’ve been picturing you naked all day today and damn… You’re fine as fuck.

16. On the count of three, let’s both say what we’re thinking about. One… two… I really want to fuck you.

17. I was just listening to some music and thought of you… OK, you got me. I wasn’t listening to anything really. I don’t really need an excuse to think about you.

18. A hundred things I like about you: 1. You’re hot. 2. You’re hot. 3. You’re hot. I think you get where this is heading.

19. Imagine my bed as a football field and you’re running for a touchdown. Now show me what you’re made of!

20. You’re so sexy, I could look at you all day and never blink…

21. Plans for tonight: A bottle of wine, a nice conversation, followed by not-so-nice action under the sheets.

22. You’re so hot I feel dirty just thinking about you. On that note… I need to take a shower.

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Freaky Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Via Text

1. When you get home today, I am going to undress you, handcuff you to the bed, ride you harder than ever before and make you scream with pleasure. Just thought you’d like to be prepared for what’s coming.

2. Kiss me all over and don’t stop, I want to feel your hard-on all over my body as you’re licking me top to bottom.

3. First, I’m going to blow your mind and later, I’m going to blow something else. I want you to take complete control of my body and do whatever you want with it. Tonight, you’re the teacher and I’m the student.

4. I am so hot just thinking about what you did to me last night. I just want to grind into your crotch all night long, feeling you get hard and riding you non-stop. Take it out of your pants and do your thing while thinking of me.

5. I want to take your manhood in my hands, stroke it gently and watch you moan with pleasure, until you just can’t take it anymore…

6. I’m checking out sex toys right now and I’m probably getting a few… Do you have any suggestions?

7. I want to do so many hot and dirty things to you that I don’t even know where to begin. Strip all your clothes off and feel your sculpted body all over before I ride you and feel you inside me.

8. I’m alone in bed and so wet… I need you here with me, because you always know exactly what to do and how to handle me and my needs…

9. I want you to taste my breasts and suck on my hard nipples as intensely as you possibly can.

10. I want you to tie my hands behind my head and do me just like they do it in pornos. Be as rough as you want and take me however you please.

11. Let’s try out as many sexual positions as we can possibly think of. I want to see how much we can get done tonight and we’ll continue tomorrow if we get too exhausted.

12. I’m not wearing underwear today and I really wish you were here to put your hand down there and get me wet…

13. Tonight, your task is to rip my underwear off with your teeth and then proceed to bring me pleasure with your mouth and especially your tongue the best way you know how.

14. Blindfold me and do me in the freakiest ways possible. I have complete trust in you so use my body as a canvas and get creative and sexy…

15. I have this insane urge to fuck you in every room of the house. Don’t leave any room untouched. The kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway… Let’s get to it.

16. I want to throw you onto the bed, crawl onto you and suck your cock for as long as I possibly can.

17. I’ve been wanting to try something really dirty and I think you’re just the guy to do it with.

18. I am begging you to take all my clothes off, push me onto my bed and do me really slowly…

19. I want to cover you in chocolate syrup all over, then start licking from your head all the way down, until the real fun begins.

20. I hope you slept well last night, because what I have prepared for you tonight is going to take up a ton of your energy. I just hope you can handle this hard task.

21. You should really come over because I am getting too wet and I’m all by myself…

22. I am going to take you in with such pleasure and you won’t be able to believe all the things I can do with my tongue.

23. I haven’t been able to get any work done today because all I can think about is how much I want you to fuck me.

24. I know just how you want it but I am going to make you beg me to do all those things to you.

25. I am going touching myself right now and I am picturing it is your hand instead of mine…

26. Do you want to see me make out with a girl while you’re watching? I can make it happen as long as you can get here as soon as possible.

Hot Things To Say In Bed To A Man

1. You’re going to make me pass out with pleasure.

2. My whole body is shaking.

3. Can you stay inside me forever?

4. The view from underneath you is so delicious.

5. I’m so glad we’re alone because I’ve been having filthy thoughts all day.

6. I love the way you fill me up.

7. My body belongs to you, take all of me.

8. I always get shivers when you grab my hair.

9. I’m just going to rub your leg, let’s see how long it takes you to get hard.

10. I love it when you play with me down there.

11. I’ve been planning what I’ll do to you in bed all week. I am going to blow your mind.

12. Now that we’re alone, I need to feel you inside me.

13. I love it when you hold my backside, it makes me want more of you.

14. You were made to be inside me.

15. I know you’ve already had dinner, but what about dessert?

16. I’ve been very bold and need to be punished.

17. I want to see all the magic tricks your tongue can perform.

18. I could have an orgasm just from looking into your eyes.

19. Sometimes just your kisses turn me on.

20. You know I am not wearing anything under this nightgown, right?

21. You are really gorgeous beneath your clothes.

22. You look like you could do all kinds of dirty things to me.

23. Spank me and tell me I’ve been a bad girl.