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11 Dating Mistakes That Scare Men Away (And How To Avoid Them)

11 Dating Mistakes That Scare Men Away (And How To Avoid Them)

When we fall in love, we tend to make mistakes that we never usually would, because let’s face it—love make us a little bit stupid.

From blowing up his phone, to making him feel like he’s a suspect being interrogated, just because it feels good to have someone by our side and we want to see more of him.

So, we gathered together some of the most common mistakes we make in order to avoid them and so not scare men away.

Blowing up his phone

Admit it ladies, we’ve all done this. Texting with him all the time feels amazing, because you have so much to talk about and it just feels good to have that silly grin on your face when your phone buzzes.

But it’s best to avoid blowing up his phone, because it could get annoying really quick and he will run away.

Being clingy too soon

This one goes together with phone-bombing. Give him a chance to breathe and to miss you. If you’re clingy and trying to spend every single moment you can with him, it will only make you look needy.

Men need to feel the excitement of the chase, and if he’s not chasing you, there’s a good possibility that he will lose interest soon.

Needing him

It’s one thing wanting to be with someone and wanting to spend some time with that person, but needing them is a whole different aspect of a relationship.

Needing someone to fix you or to make you feel good about yourself is not fair, neither toward you or him.

Make sure that you don’t depend on him, because no one will stick around for long if they feel like they’re being used.

Talking about your exes all the time

If he asks, keep your answer short and not in an accusatory tone. No one loves to listen to someone they’re considering dating still talking about their exes or even trash-talking them.

It’s important to respect the fact that at some point you had love for those other men and that no matter how badly things ended, you can take the high road now.

Overanalyzing the situation

We tend to do this all the time, not just with the men we date. Most of the time, things are not what they seem like in our head so if there are any doubts, ask him about it.

It’ll be so much easier for both of you and you’ll create a habit of discussing issues, not ignoring them.

Talking too much about yourself

When we’re nervous, we talk too much and mostly nonsense. Take a deep breath and ask him to talk about himself.

It’s easy to get too involved with yourself when you have someone who shows interest in you, but it’s important that he feels like you’re actually there with him, that you want to know about him too, not just keep up a monologue about yourself all the time.

Not respecting boundaries

Whether they’re your or his boundaries, respect them. If you said no, stick to it. If he said he needs space or time, respect it.

Don’t push too far with your love, because you’ll corner him too soon and he will definitely start looking for the escape route.

Expecting him to read your mind

If you’re upset and he doesn’t seem like he knows why that is, tell him.

You can’t expect him to know what you’ve been through or to know what he did wrong if you just met—you need to be open and tell him what the problem is.

If he continues doing things wrong, dump his ass. But most men will try to avoid situations in which you end up hurt, because they’re not all total assholes.

Criticizing other women

There’s a good reason why they say, “The way you talk about others, says more about you than it does about them.” If you have the need to put someone down or shame them, just to make you look good, stop and think about it for a second.

Keep in mind that you’re already amazing and have his attention, because there’s a reason he’s with you. So, let everyone live their lives in peace, because that’s what you would want them to do for you.


Avoid sharing your deepest and darkest memories at the beginning. It’s okay to let him know about your past, but being fully intimate right at the start is not good to do.

His clingy girlfriend alarm will go off, because oversharing at the beginning often feels like rushing things.

If it comes naturally, because you clicked, do it. But still keep in mind that you don’t know this man so well and it will seem weird that you decided to open up right away.

Interrogating him

You want to know everything about him, because it’s important for you to see if he’s just another time-waster, but don’t bomb him with questions so he feels like he’s being interrogated.

Follow the flow of the conversation and give him a chance to get to know you too.