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11 Things Women Do Because They’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times

11 Things Women Do Because They’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times

We are fragile creatures who can turn into monsters when people don’t know how to appreciate us.

Being broken and hurt changes the life of a woman drastically and she can start acting differently around the people who are precious to her.

It’s not a bad thing to change, but the change that occurs after being hurt by someone we love can have consequences for the rest of our life.

The broken woman can be identified by her behavior, in those little, everyday activities that make her broken pieces more and more visible.

1. She laughs at romance

If a guy approaches her with some cheesy, clichéd line, she will most probably laugh dramatically at him and make a huge scene about it.

Roses are disgusting, chocolate is probably poisoned and hugs and kisses aren’t welcome.

2. She doesn’t take love seriously

She will probably throw in a joke or two if you ask her about her love life.

She’ll tell you that she wants to die alone with 72 cats. Even if it sounds weird and you laugh at it, it’s still kind of cringey.

3. She won’t trust anyone

Her feelings have been mistreated and she can’t let anyone close enough to see her true self again.

She simply can’t and won’t trust anyone ever again. It’s what experience taught her.

4. She puts up with toxic people

What? She’s been hurt before. There is nothing that can surprise her these days.

So what if she texts her ex when she’s drunk in a club? There is nothing he can do that surprises her, and she probably just wants to have some fun.

5. She flirts. A lot

There was a time (long ago) when she would fall for one man and be his until the end.

But now that she’s broken? No, darling. She’s seen how ‘keeping your options open’ is much better and isn’t emotionally tiring, which is why she goes around harmlessly flirting.

6. She ends up hurting people, even when that’s not her intention

You see, broken girls know how hard it is to be hurt and go through all that pain over and over again, so she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

She doesn’t want someone to go through the same things she went through.

But because of how unapproachable she is, she ends up hurting people unintentionally. If someone tries to get close to her, she will run away, leaving the person confused and broken.

7. She learned that sadness is a part of life

Instead of focusing on the here and now, she dwells on the past and accepts depression and sadness rather than getting on with her life.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because we all need to find closure by living through our emotions until the end, no matter how long it takes to feel better again.

But, if it goes on endlessly, then it’s not fine, she’s not doing great.

8. She thinks that everyone wants to use her

When she meets a new guy and he’s really nice to her, she probably believes that he only wants her for sex.

Nothing more. Just sex. Or that he’s going to break her heart right away. That’s why she doesn’t even start a relationship.

9. She falls for unapproachable men

They simply feel familiar. She got used to people hurting her and nice guys scare her, so that’s why she keeps falling for emotionally unapproachable men.

It’s just what feels familiar and she knows how to deal with them.

10. She repeats the story in her mind

She keeps repeating everything in her mind and constantly trying to figure out what went wrong.

She can’t find a way to be herself anymore, because her mind won’t allow her that.

It’s too occupied with thinking about those awful things he did to her and how he made her feel.

11. She believes in change

No matter what pain and misery she went through because of love, she still believes that love is out there, waiting.

She believes that one day she will find someone who will love her for who she is and appreciate her.

There is a way to change her way of thinking and getting better; she strongly believes in that.

  1. Louke says:

    A nice article. All this, off course, apply also to men. Sad how people are draged down by their wounds…

  2. Erin Walker says:

    This article is somber and pessimistic toward romance after being hurt. It’s simply a list of excuses.