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11 Things You Can Learn About A Man By Spending The Night With Him

11 Things You Can Learn About A Man By Spending The Night With Him

Men are most revealing in their most intimate moments, that’s why sleeping with him will tell you a lot about him as a person and reveal things he is trying to hide.

You can get to know a man better if you keep track of what he does than listening by what he has to say.

Words can be bent, shifted, and broken actions are a real reflection of his feelings. That’s why they really speak louder than words.

By spending the night with a man you have been seeing for a shorter or longer while, things he does, before, during, and after sex will tell you a lot more than he ever will.

So, take a look at all the things you can learn about a man you are intimate with and his feelings for you in just one intimate night:

What’s hidden underneath his shirt?

Sometimes how a man looks dressed and how he looks naked are two completely different things.

Are there six packs hiding underneath that shirt or does he have a nice belly shaped like a cushion you can sleep on?

You won’t learn that until you unbutton that shirt. And once you are at the unbuttoning phase, it really doesn’t matter if he is fit or not.

What matters is that you find him attractive, regardless.

What part of your body does he like the most?

Is he a butt or a boobs guy? Does he check you out from top to bottom, compliment your legs or lips?

There is a part of your body that instantly turns him on.

If he doesn’t say it himself, you will have no trouble guessing it on your own because he will give some extra TLC to that part of your body.

How high is his self-esteem?

Does he take the initiative? Does he lock eyes with you during the act? Does he tell you what he likes and asks you if you could do just that?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you are dealing with one hell of a confident guy.

He knows that keeping quiet won’t get him anywhere and that if he wants both of you to have an awesome time in bed, it’s better to speak up.

Is he perceptive?

If a man is interested in meeting your needs, he will be perceptive of the things you don’t even say.

He will observe your behavior and act accordingly.

For instance, if your body trembles every time he kisses your neck or if you moan when he makes a certain move, it will be a good sign for him to continue what he is doing and that you like it.

Is he tender?

Some men like to act tough and play hard to get, but if they are really into someone, they will melt like buttercream.

If he shows his tender side, caresses your face, tucks your hair behind your ear, cuddles (especially after sex), he is developing feelings towards you.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t show warmth, he is there just for one thing, and he won’t stay and cuddle after he gets what he wants.

Is he traditional or open to new ideas?

How does he react when you say something daring like, “Let’s do it on the table,” or, “We haven’t tried out the back seat in your car”?

Does he judge you for it or play along?

Not all men are the same. Some are more traditional and if you ask them, missionary is their preferred position till the rest of their days.

On the other hand, if he plays along, he is open to trying out new things and concerned with making you happy in that department.

Does he like to play it safe or is he ready to take risks?

If he likes to play it safe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes only missionary, but there are few sex positions that he combines and never does anything he doesn’t feel comfortable doing.

With him, you are at risk of getting stuck in a rut, unless he starts to change a bit as your relationship progresses and he starts being more comfortable around you.

If he is a risk-taker, he will be relaxed.

He won’t overthink all the things that can go wrong or feel awkward, but try something new anyway. With him, every day will be a new adventure.

Is he responsible?

An irresponsible guy will only care about getting down and dirty as soon as possible and he will think about the consequences later, or not at all if there aren’t any.

A responsible guy will have the talk with you about STDs and make sure he has a pack of condoms lying around somewhere close in case you need them.

He wants you to feel safe and he doesn’t want you to fall pregnant. Now that’s an adult way of thinking and doing things.

Is he selfish or not?

If he expects you to go down on him and never returns the favor, if he doesn’t care whether or not you climax and it’s all about him, he is selfish lover and most probably selfish in general, too.

If he is not interested in making you satisfied in bed, imagine how lazy he’ll be in a relationship with you (if he already isn’t).

Do you really need someone like that in your life?

Is he two-faced or is he a standup guy?

In our minds, sex is always perfect. In reality, there can be some really awkward, weird, and even gross situations.

The way he reacts in those situations will tell you a lot about him.

For example, you might fart or queef during intercourse. If he is an awesome man, he will laugh it off or ignore it completely.

If he does anything else, he is full of it and not worth your time.

He doesn’t realize that gross things happen at his end too, but you chose not to react to them.

Are you having sex or making love?

There is a huge difference between these two terms and some surefire indicators that show it.

To sum it all up nicely, if you guys are just having sex, he won’t care if you had a good time or not; he won’t cuddle, make eye contact, or kiss you too much.

But if you are making love, he will do all of that and more to show you his affection for you.