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11 Ways To Tell That You Are More Than Just A Hook-Up To Him

11 Ways To Tell That You Are More Than Just A Hook-Up To Him

Hook-ups are usually about physical attraction, about the passion and chemistry that two individuals share.

There is usually nothing more to it. Yet more times than not, we can hear that some hook-ups evolve into relationships.

That’s actually not surprising. If there is some strong chemistry between your hook-up and you, it will leave you wondering if there is something more to it.

You and him both. So if you already have attraction and you see that you can con Yes, in an ideal world, the one where everything goes as planned, you first get to know each other as people.

You go on dates, and you share stories, anecdotes, and interests. After that, you gradually evolve to the physical part.

And though that’s ideal, you shouldn’t close your eyes to the possibly that a great relationship can arise from a simple hook-up.

The problem of how to get there is that usually the guys you are hooking up with won’t be open and upfront about their feelings.

They might be scared you are not feeling the same way about them. They don’t want their ego bruised or their feelings hurt.

How to know if your hook-up likes you? They will find some sideways to get to the place they want with you.

If they are considering you as girlfriend material, they will show some of these signs.

He frequently texts and calls

No, this doesn’t include booty calls or those 2 a.m. texts with similar agendas.

These are keeping-in-touch calls or wanting to ask you about your day, funny texts, selfies, and things like that.

Anything that shows you he is there and thinking about you on a bit of a deeper level.

He wants to get to know more than your body. In the beginning, texts might not come every single day but they will several times a week.

If he is upgrading you to a potential girlfriend, a text will come every day.

He gets confused easily

If your presence is making him a bit nervous, that’s a good thing. It means that he has you on his mind more often than you would think.

So he might come off as clumsy or less confident but that just means you are confusing him in a good way.

He wants to know more about you

If he is interested in your life, where you come from, where you stand with certain questions and in your aspirations and goals, he takes the time to get to know you because he finds you fascinating.

That’s a good sign he is considering you as girlfriend material. He wants to get to know you more intimately. He is interested in more than just your body.

Meaningful conversation

He will share his secrets with you. He will look at you as his confidant, not just someone to unwind with but more as someone who gets him.

He will listen to what you have to say and show support and understanding for things you have been through. That’s how you know if your hook-up likes you.

You are his friend

You don’t necessarily have to be friends with your hook-up but if he wants something more, he will treat you as a friend.

He will call and text, invite you to hang out, or make you a home-cooked meal or something similar.

He will want to spend as much time as humanly possible with you before any action between the sheets.

He wants you to meet his friends

He is making a place for you in his life. He considers you as more than a hook-up when he wants you to meet his friends.

He has probably said a thing or two about you to them and you will feel they are really welcoming once you get the chance to meet them.

Random touches

He probably won’t kiss you in public yet or hold your hand but he will use any excuse he can to touch you.

He will hug you, touch your arm, touch your waist, and pinch your cheeks or anywhere.

If you are just a hook-up, he doesn’t want other women thinking the two of you are an item.

A guy who looks at you as something more won’t mind what anybody else thinks.

You know for a fact that you are the only girl he is seeing

He doesn’t look at other girls or mention other hook-ups around you. He lets you know that he is seeing only you.

If he has eyes only for you, that is a good sign that he likes you more than as just a simple hook-up.

The word ‘busy’ is not listed in his dictionary

When you are just a hook-up, he will always make excuses about not seeing you so for this reason he will always say he is busy.

When he is planning on seeing more of you, he will use the busy excuse only if he actually has to.

He will want to see you often and he will find time for you even when he has no time to spare.

He never ignores you

When he is looking at you as just a hook-up, he will often ignore your texts or ignore you when you are among other people; he will pretend like you are not even there.

If he is looking at you as girlfriend material, he will notice you. He will behave naturally and let you know that you are important.

He will read your texts as soon as he gets them—he won’t wait for hours or days to reply like a hook-up would.

He cuddles

When someone is into you just for sex there is usually no after-sex cuddling.

After the pleasure part is done, he won’t stick around, he will be on his way as soon as possible.

If he likes you more than as a hook-up, he will stay longer with you, and he will cuddle and snuggle and keep you close.